How To Properly Prime Your Vape Tank Coils

If you vape frequently, you know how important equipment upkeep is to have a satisfying vaping experience. The coil is one of the essential components of your vape equipment. The heating component, the coil, causes the e-juice to evaporate and transform into a flavourful vapour. Nevertheless, improper coil priming might result in a burned flavour … Read more

How to Find Matching Vape Tools and Accessories for Your Dab Rig?

Matching Vape Tools and Accessories for Your Dab Rig

Do you know what is dabbing? It is a rapidly emerging trend in cannabis at the time. When you dab you vaporize high-grade cannabis mines that are loaded with cannabinoids and terpenes. The dab rig vaporizes the liquid. And these rigs are similar to ordinary glass with just a slight difference. So, if you are … Read more

Backwoods Battery Vape Pen Review


The Backwoods battery is a twisting vape pen designed with eGo and 510 thread connections that suites the oil vape cartridges, eGo atomizers, and wax vape tanks. The Backwoods battery holds a total of 1100mAh, a single firing button, and variable voltage output from 3.3V to 4.8V to control vapor production and make clouds from … Read more

Top 4 The Best Vape Tank 2022

The Best Vape Tank

The best vape tank recorded beneath undeniably succeeded in our testing. They all have extraordinary loops about fourteen days or more, produce great flavor, and are all 100 percent watertight. They are likewise all, generally, network curl tanks as well. What’s more, they’re intended for enormous mists and high-wattage vaping. Assuming that is the thing … Read more



These were the top choices of average vapers who participated in our poll and cast nearly 5,000 votes for the greatest vaping tastes available. If you are interested in buying vape or want any kind of information about Vaping & E-liquid do visit our website Karachi Vapers. VaporFi’s Dragon Banana BerryFor a while now, VaporFi … Read more

How to Refill a Vape – a Beginner Guide

Nasty Air Fix Disposable

Replenishing your vape tank such as the one found in a nasty air fix disposable is just a basic and uncomplicated procedure which can be completed fast if you get the swing of it. Top-fill and bottom-fill tanks are available, and also how you fill them depends on which tank you have. You’ll have to detach your … Read more