Backwoods Battery Vape Pen Review

The Backwoods battery is a twisting vape pen designed with eGo and 510 thread connections that suites the oil vape cartridges, eGo atomizers, and wax vape tanks. The Backwoods battery holds a total of 1100mAh, a single firing button, and variable voltage output from 3.3V to 4.8V to control vapor production and make clouds from tiny to large. The power regulates with the ring on the bottom of the device. Moreover, the Backwoods battery charges through the 510-USB port at 5V/0.5A.

What is a 510 Battery?

510 Battery is just a regular battery connected to a cartridge, having extracts. Once the 510 Battery is connected to the cartridge, it converts into a vape pen. The cartridge goes along with a USB that recharges. The Battery is only a battery with no e-liquid, juice, or other concentrates. The reason why it is named 510 is that 510 is a thread that helps screw both the battery and the cartridge.

Backwoods Battery Attractive Design

The Backwoods battery features a compact, lightweight with modest dimensions. The Backwoods battery weighs 38 grams and measures 119mm by 18mm. In addition, the Backwoods battery is available in multiple colors with funny patterns. A sleek texture completes this stunning design.

Backwoods Battery Charging Method

The Backwoods battery vape pen works with a long-lasting 1100mAh battery and already includes a compatible USB charger; it connects with an AC/USB adapter with an output of 5V/0.5A. Such power capability enables a whole day of usage, a convenient deal for users. Besides, with overcharge protection, the Backwood battery immediately disconnects from charging. More than that, the Backwoods battery secures with the most suitable safety precaution. Once the light on the charger shifts green, the battery is ultimately charged and ready to utilize.

Backwoods Battery Safety Features

Along with overcharge protection, the Backwoods battery includes protection with ten seconds of overtime protection, over-current protection, and over-discharge protection. The Backwoods battery turns On with five consecutive clicks on the single firing button. To turn Off the Backwoods battery, also click five clicks on a single firing button. Also, keeping your Backwoods battery in a dry, safe place away from water and direct sunlight will help keep your device in good condition for longer.

Backwoods Battery Best for Cartridges

The Backwoods battery is one of the best vape pens on the market, and it is a perfect fit for your lovely cartridges. In addition, the Backwoods battery features an ideal package if you like to gift it to someone. It also includes a USB charger, so you or your friend can start utilizing the backwoods battery pen immediately.

Backwoods Battery Benefits

The Backwoods battery holds a large capacity 1100mAh battery. The Backwoods battery is compatible with almost all standard 150 vape pen cartridges and suits the eGo wax pen cartridges. Thanks to the twisted ring controller, the Backwoods battery is effortless to operate, and users effortlessly use the device.

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