How to Find Matching Vape Tools and Accessories for Your Dab Rig?

Do you know what is dabbing? It is a rapidly emerging trend in cannabis at the time. When you dab you vaporize high-grade cannabis mines that are loaded with cannabinoids and terpenes. The dab rig vaporizes the liquid. And these rigs are similar to ordinary glass with just a slight difference.

So, if you are looking for a dab pen, you must know that there is an endless variety available in the market. Though they might differ in features they are designed using the same principle. Some commonest dabs include shatter, crumble, budder, and wax. All are created using butane to detach the trichomes from the cannabis plant material. Butane is vaporized, and the residual essence is treated to give it a specific texture.

The dabs comprise a very high concentration of cannabinoids as compared to the normal cannabis flower. So, if you dab, you can enjoy smooth and strong effects. You will get to see clear-headed and durable high.

What You Would Require to Dab?

If you are fond of dabbing, then you must know what things are needed to dab. Here is what you might need:

Dab Rig

To dab, you might need a premium-quality rig as it will ensure that you get the most out of your bits. The reason is that a majority of the dab rigs are similar to ordinary bongs, the only difference is the nail rather than the bowl. However, you would be interested in capitalizing on a rig that is particularly formulated for dabbing. For that, you will have to use a very high heat than normal.

You should also consider keeping a separate gig for your essence. You must know that dabs have an entirely different flavour than cannabis flowers, and that is why you would want to keep them separate from each other.

Heat-Resilient Nail

Did you know that nail is another major component of the entire wiping system? The reason is that it is part of your rig that will perform the most crucial task i.e. heat the essence. Now, you should be mindful that the joint size can differ, so you would prefer to purchase a nail that matches the joint size of your rig. Moreover, you would also want to ensure that your nail features premium quality material and can bear extreme heat (that you will expose it to).

Dabbing Tool

The dabbing tools are minute and ideal to scoop out even the stickiest dabs and load them carefully onto your nail.

Titanium Oil Tool

It is the most challenging part of dabbing, and you might get put off. If you want to get your nails to bear the temperature, you might need a blowtorch.

Non-Stick Containers

Now, that you know what tools you would require to light up a dab, you will certainly need something to keep your dabs safe. For this, non-stick containers are ideal. You may also use a silicone jar to keep your distillates safe and clean.

How to Choose the Perfect Dab Tool?

If you are choosing a dab tool, you may have to know the answers to some questions. It will help you determine what precisely you require for tools. Hence, you will be able to choose the perfect vape tools and accessories.

Which Essence Do You Wish to Use?

Before you proceed with selecting the tool, you must know which type of essence you would use most frequently. Next, you should ensure that you know the ideal tip and size. So, if you use several types of concentrates, you may opt for a double-ended tool.

How Frequently Do You Dab?

Another important aspect to consider when choosing the tool is how frequently you dab. The frequency will help you determine the right material you will need. If you are an addicted dabber, you will have to purchase a durable dab made of stainless steel or titanium instead of glass material.

What is Your Budget?

Next, you need to consider your budget, and how much you would like to spend on it. If you have a low budget, you can opt for standard stainless steel. It is easily available in the market. However, if you wish to spend more, you can opt for titanium and ceramic.

Which Flavour Do You Like?

After that, you need to consider the flavour. Are you much influenced by flavours, or you can adjust to any? The material you choose directly influences the flavour. If you wish to enjoy the purest flavour, then you might want to opt for an inert material. Experts suggest that glass, ceramic, and quartz are best for enhanced flavours, while stainless steel and titanium may add a metallic aftertaste while dabbing.

Do you Need Any Add-ons?

If you are fond of being versatile while dabbing, you might need add-ons. It means you will need to add something to enhance your oil. There are many carb cabs in the market from which you can choose, however, these upgrades are optional.

Which Are the Most Common Dabbing Tools in the Market?

The commonest Vape and Accessorize: Dr Dabber’s 2023 you will find in the market are as below. All are tried and tested, and best for every dabber’s storage. You can find them easily in the market, and at a very affordable price.

Double-Ended Tools

These are the most common tools used for dabbing and feature a scoop and pick. You can use it for all essence available in the market.

Changeable Tools

These are much similar to double-ended tools, and allow more personalization of your dabbing kit. You can choose from a variety of shaped ends and applicators that you can screw or unscrew from the handle. Hence, you can handle any situation that may arise. These are a bit costly and are accompanied by a carrying case and many attachments along.

Carb Cap Combination

Carb cap tools are the best alternative to two separate tools to carb the dab.

Hand-Blown Glass Tool

These tools are available in many colours, shapes and sizes. It may include a paddle, spoon, ball pen and others.

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