MBBS in China with EBC World Wide – Brief Overview for Students

About University

Gannan Clinical College is organized in a magnificent medium surveyed city of Jiangxi Territory Ganzhou City. The school can follow its game plan of experiences back to April 1941. It is amazingly close to Hong Kong, Macao Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

Gannan Clinical College is seen by WHO (world Wellbeing Association), Chinese Service of direction, UNESCO, China Grant Chamber and Chinese Clinical Affiliation.

Gannan Clinical College shows Clinical (MBBS) course to generally speaking understudies in English Medium. The arrangement completely settled on USMLE/PLAB and PMDC.

The school has sister relationship with colleges in USA, Europe, Japan and other Asian Nations. We have understudies from most African nations, Center East, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, India, Nepal, South Africa and East Asian nations.

Why gannan clinical school?

The two most basic characteristics that certain specialists request from clinical mentoring are that the school ought to give a top notch clinical direction and that the school ought to be reasonable.

Gannan Clinical College permits you the significant chance to get a MBBS degree that has been approved by WHO/UNESCO and as you seek after your testament you will overview with experience informed authorities and teachers, both Chinese and from any place the world, in a school that has been conveying specialists for well over seventy years.

Gannan Medical University (GMU) Gan Nan Yi Xue Yuan is organized in Ganzhou, Jiangxi Region spread out in 1941 it is a prestigious city with a rich history and culture along the Beijing-Kowloon Railroad in the southern piece of Jiangxi space. It is coordinated relentlessly near Guangzhou. GMU was changed into Gannan Clinical Specialized School in 1958, and later Gannan Clinical School in 1988 when it started enlisting understudies as students. GMU recognized its drawn out postgraduate education certification in 1993, as well as the high level training in 2013 and started enrolling graduates in the year 2014. GMU is the very clinical school for students in Jiangxi region.

Incredible Highlights Gannan Medical University:

  1. Gannan College is Perceived by WHO (world thriving connection), MCI maintained College for Pakistani Understudies and with WHED and PMC A recorded (Pakistani understudies can take an interest for the PMDC’s NEB/NLE Test following the finishing of their assessments). New graduated class what graduate’s character can be prepared for ECFMG affirmation as well.
  2. more than 800+ new understudies of Pakistan, Pakistan, Nepal, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and different Ethnicities in MBBS Clinical Medication.
  3. Gannan clinical College is offering Chinese language long stretch of full qualification to ASEAN Nation understudies. It gives free educational cost, free convenience and protection for understudies, as well as free texts.
  4. Gannan Clinical College is offering MBBS in China program for generally speaking understudies. 04 loads with MBBS Clinical Medication Degree have been permitted the degree in Gannan Clinical College.
  5. Master (3 years Degree Program) and PHD Degree (4 years of Degree) are besides accessible at Gannan Clinical College.
  6. Each Year Gannan Clinical College offers Grant to wonderful understudies. Some spot in the extent of 2000 and 10,000 RMB.
  7. The MBBS Coursework from Gannan Clinical College is fundamentally indistinguishable from Pakistani, Pakistani Clinical Schools.
  8. Separate and outfitted Inns are accessible for male and female understudies.
  9. Hostels offer 2 sharing and the lodging has 04 shared rooms (in-avocation) for generally speaking understudies zeroing in on Clinical Medication and other degree programs.
  10. Muslim Cafeterias are on offer inside the grounds, as well as close the Gannan Clinical College.


GMU has a climate conductive not exclusively to coaching yet moreover to the overall improvement of understudies. Rehearses like; sports, studios, melodic endeavors, visits and picnics worked with in school offers the break from their very customary demonstration of audit and help them with reestablishing themselves. After regular class hours understudies contribute their energy playing, visiting the library or riding the web to develop their perspective of information.

  • Major In English Medium
  • M.B.B.S
  • Course Term
  • 5 years theory and 1 year compulsory brief work.

Our school web based assembling will push the school address for sending application cost. After that we will perceive your application.


1st year Fee Structure

Enlightening expense: 20000 RMB

Inn Expense: 4000 RMB

Bedding Expense: 520 RMB

Selection Expense: 800 RMB

Protection Expense: 1000 RMB

Course book Expense: 300 RMB

Clinical Test: 800 RMB

2nd year onwards

Educational expense: 30000 RMB

Lodging Expense: 4000 RMB

6 Years Program With Temporary occupation related with The earlier year. The College is Supported By PMC (Pakistan Clinical Commission) and is Perceived By WHO (World Wellbeing Association)


Check Duplicate of the going with reports should apply

  1. Secondary School Declaration And Records – SSC (MATRIC/O LEVEL)
  2. High school Declaration And Records – HSSC (FSC/A LEVEL)
  3. Passport First Page (introductory four pages)
  4. Passport Estimated Photos With White Foundation
  5. Physical Assessment Structure
  6. Police Person Declaration
  7. Bank Articulation 4,000 USD notwithstanding
  8. Study Arrangement of something like 800 Words


To Apply for Affirmation, the understudy need to meet the going with rules:

  1. Should essentially have 60% Imprints or B grade in Auxiliary School Testament – SSC (METRIC/O level).
  2. Should essentially have 60% Imprints or B grade in Higher School Authentication HSSC (FSC/Level).
  3. Attendance in the class ought to be 90%
  4. Should not abuse any law of the College
  5. Should not surpass any law of P. R. China
  6. Should not participate in a battle or shocking lead inside or outside the grounds.

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