A Beginners Guide To Breast Lift Surgery | All You Need To Know

A breast augmentation surgery (mastopexy) reshapes the breasts to change their appearance. The aim is to elevate them. This major surgery comes with risks, however. Choosing your surgeon and learning about the procedure are essential steps.

One may feel embarrassed about breast lift surgery before and after.

About breast uplift surgery

You may notice your breasts becoming less firm after age and experience gravity, and you may see your breastfeeding. If so, you may feel comfortable with this. You may also consider breast uplift (breast lift) surgery if you wish to change the shape of your breasts. Breast uplift can be performed on just one breast or both if your breasts are uneven.

It depends on the size of your breasts and how you want to look after your breast uplift surgery. Generally, your surgeon will reshape your breasts by removing extra skin beneath them. As a result, your nipple is raised, and the skin and surrounding tissue are tightened. At the same time, you can also have breast enlargement or breast reduction done if you wish. A detailed discussion about the risks and potential outcomes is necessary between you and your surgeon in these more complex operations.

What should you consider?

Any cosmetic procedure, including breast lift surgery, should not be rushed. Discuss your options with your doctor after looking into it. They can help you find a surgeon with the right skills and experience or guide you in selecting a hospital.

Avoid being swayed by price and be wary of advertising claims. It is important to avoid rushing into a decision; remember, this is major surgery. 

Make sure you understand every aspect of the care you’ll receive and that you have all your questions answered.

Consider asking what’s included in the fee for the procedure and if there is any additional cost if you need treatment after surgery. Ask about the aftercare you will receive. 

In addition, you should consider how you would handle a problem following surgery or if the results were not what you expected. Do not proceed if there are any questions or concerns.

Candidate for it:

Most women are eligible for breast lift surgery, but a qualified plastic surgeon can determine if each patient is a good candidate. A good candidate for mastopexy would be:

  • Healthy non-smokers
  • Finished pregnancy, childbearing, and breastfeeding
  • Before their procedure, they must be at their goal weight, within 10 pounds, for at least six months.
  • Any other medical condition cannot contraindicate anaesthesia or surgery.

What are the results of breast lift?

Breast lift procedures can result in firmer, higher-sitting, “perkier,” and more youthful breasts; however, the ageing process will continue, and a breast lift is not considered permanent. In contrast, by wearing supportive undergarments, maintaining a lavish and healthy lifestyle, and avoiding sun exposure, patients can prolong their results and enjoy their new look for years to come.

Is there any scarring?

The site of the incisions will have some scarring, just as with any surgical procedure. With modern surgical techniques, scarring after a breast lift procedure has become much less prominent than it used to be, and most patients have only minimally visible scarring. 

Perhaps the most important and most effective tool for reducing scarring is the plastic surgeon himself.

How do I get started?

To find out if a breast lift may be right for you, you should contact the Louisville, KY, office of any credible doctor to schedule a consultation and learn how a breast lift can improve your look and boost your confidence.

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