The Essential Oil Boxes That Matter Right Now

If you’re looking for a great way to present your essential oils to customers, you should get a high-quality essential oil box. These containers are portable, durable, and ready-to-display. They will give you a professional presentation while making it easy to distinguish your oils from one another. Here’s why essential oil boxes matter right now. Let’s explore a few options.


When it comes to packaging for your essential oil boxes, you can choose to use an EcoEnclose box to keep them safe and dry. This sustainable packaging option is available for both glass and plastic bottles, and the EcoEnclose trays are the perfect way to ship tinctures and essential oils in smaller, fragile bottles. The tray inserts are made from corrugated paper to separate and hold different products. They are also perfect for companies shipping many products at once.

Designed to be sustainable, EcoEnclose boxes are made from recycled paper and plastic. The paper used in these boxes is made from up to 76% recycled and 50% post-consumer waste. These boxes also feature a void-fill material, which makes them a great choice for fragile items. They also help to reduce waste by encouraging the recycling of shipping boxes. The EcoEnclose boxes can be customized to fit your product’s unique dimensions.

YBY Boxes

Custom-made essential oil boxes offer an appealing visual appeal to essential oils that are displayed on shelves. Essential oil bottles can be placed in any shape, size, style, and material, and custom-made boxes are available to fit any need. YBY Boxes is a leading one-stop packaging solution provider that offers the highest-quality, most cost-effective box solutions. YBY Boxes offer full customization services without a minimum order quantity, so you can design the perfect box for your essential oils.

An ideal storage box for essential oils is made with a combination of wood and metal. A sturdy box with beveled edges can protect your bottles from scratches and damage. Choose a box with 25 compartments, including a compartment for roller balls and pipettes. A wood-based box made of pine wood is ideal for displaying your essential oils, and is lightweight enough to keep multiple bottles organized. A wooden box can accommodate five or ten mL bottles. Its large opening makes it ideal for 10 mL roller type bottles.


Whether you are a newbie or an experienced essential oil user, there are some key benefits to buying a box for your essential oils. They can prolong their shelf life and protect them from extreme changes in ambient temperature and sunlight. These essential oil boxes are handmade with brass clasp fittings, wooden dividers, and a satin-varnished finish. Moreover, they are priced affordably, so they’re perfect for most budgets.

Earth’s Gift

When it comes to choosing an essential oil storage box, the Earth’s Gift Essential Oil Box is an excellent option. It is made in China and comes with a logo from Plant Therapy. However, you can buy this box with any brand of oils. There are several reasons why it may be the right choice for you. Here are some of them:

Choosing a box that is sturdy is essential. You don’t want to use a paper box if you’re planning to sell your essential oils. A box is durable, ready to display, and portable. It also helps distinguish the different types of oils. Whether you want a box for a specific type of oil or a combination of oils, a sturdy box is a must.


If you have a collection of custom essential oil boxes and want to keep them safe, you can invest in a Soligt roller bottle box. Made from unfinished pine wood, the wooden roller bottle box has 25 slots for bottles of different sizes. It can hold 5 mL (0.17 ounce) bottles, as well as 10 mL roller type bottles. There are even pre-printed labels included, and you can print them with a pen or inkjet printer. You can download templates from the Soligt website as well.

These boxes are also designed for popular essential oil packaging boxes, making them easy to transport and display. They are made from pine wood and feature beveled edges. This essential oil storage box is also equipped with roller balls and pipettes. Whether you choose a wooden or metal box, it is sure to impress. This storage box comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, making it an ideal gift for any oil enthusiast. And, of course, it is the perfect gift for a loved one.

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