Microwave Oven Repair Service Tips And Historical Aspects

Microwave oven repair service with some helpful tips to maintain and long lasting your home appliance. It’s not just about heating plates. Most people use their microwave to reheat leftovers only. But, it can do so much more! You can use your microwave to clean, eat, prepare infusions and much more!

For your microwave oven repair service, here are 5 unexpected ways to use your microwave that will save you time, energy and bring a little fun to your family life.

Sterilization of Sponges

Wash the stages with cold water and dry them. Fill a microwave-safe bowl with water and lemon juice (or a small glass of wine). Immerse the stages, set the microwave timer for 5 minutes and P100 and voila! You can also use this method to make other things like baby bottles, diapers or pots. Almond meal

Arrange 100 g of almonds on a microwave safe dish, and spread them slightly. Cook for 3 minutes at P100, but remember to check them after 2 minutes. Once cooked, leave the almonds for another 2 minutes in the oven.

Ginger Tea

Wash a piece of ginger and cut it into thin slices. Put 3 cups of water and sliced ​​ginger in a microwave-safe bowl and cook for 7 minutes at P100. Then wait 10 minutes, check the water and your infusion is ready!

A Broken Egg

Beat two eggs and two spoons of milk, add a little salt and pepper and pour everything into a bowl. Microwave your preparation for 2 minutes at P100 and enjoy your delicious eggs.

Liquefy Crystallized Honey

Honey that has hardened can be returned to a liquid state. Do you want to know how? It’s easy: just open the pan and heat it for 30 seconds to 1 minute at P100.

The Microwave Oven, A Revolutionary Invention

It was in the 1970s that microwave ovens a best home appliance were sold to the general public. It was then all the rage in many American homes. If it’s just to heat some food and dishes, the microwave oven quickly became a necessity for individuals and professionals. In fact, his work has evolved significantly over the years.

Who Invented The Microwave?

Percy Spencer, the inventor of the microwave oven you will not believe us if we tell you that the microwave oven surpasses everything that has been discovered. But, it is really so. Legend has it that American engineer Percy Spencer launched the magnetron radar company at Raytheon in 1946. During one day at work, he noticed that when he passed a working magnetron, it was getting hot in his shirt pocket. He put his hand into it and noticed that a bar of chocolate had melted. This is how you find out that a microwave oven can heat and cook food. And he did various tests, especially corn and eggs.

After obtaining a license to microwave food, the Raytheon company built the first microwave oven in 1947: the Radarange, now sold for $34,350. A Cleveland hotel bought this heavy (340 kg), large (1.80 m high) and above all expensive device for the first time from a hotel in Cleveland. Of course, with such a price and such a size, the microwave oven is the main one for catering, boats and large companies. So, in the 1960s, the Raython company wanted to change the microwave oven to make it more flexible and marketable to the masses. It was not until the 1970s that the expected success was achieved.

Function Of The Microwave Oven:

The function of the microwave oven works well but does not like it. You should know that the electricity that powers the device is a magnetron. This magnetron has electrons distributed between the anode and the cathode. An electron vortex is created due to the presence of a magnet. These electrons will create a strong magnetic field. They are picked up by the antenna which, in itself, directs them to the “leader”. It is this action that will allow the waves to penetrate into the food and dishes in the microwave oven. By stirring up the water molecules inside them, the wave will reflect and penetrate the surrounding molecules. It is precisely at this time that the temperature rises. Therefore, if your dish or food does not have water, the temperature will not be able to rise. Interesting, right?

Today’s Microwave Oven:

As we explained to you earlier, the microwave oven has evolved a lot since its creation. In fact, today there are three different types of microwaves. The classic or mono-functional microwave. It is most popular in the market because it is very expensive. The latter allows you to customize your dishes by changing the power and timer of your device. Some go further and include other functions such as air conditioning, steam cooking, etc. In any case, they are easy to use and their care is very simple. Their capacity can vary between 13 and 35 liters depending on the model. Golden gratin in the oven, slow cooker.

Functions Of Microwave Oven:

This is basically prepared with the same function as a microwave oven. However, it has more advanced features since it allows you to gratinate or brown your preparation. You can cook pizza with this device. In addition, you can use it in three different ways: microwave only, grill only or microwave and grill at the same time.

It has the same characteristics as a regular microwave oven, that is, it allows you to heat and defrost your food and preparation.

Features Of Traditional Microwave Oven:

However, it has all the features of a traditional oven: convection heat, food chain, steam function and many other things. Thanks to this device, you can prepare bread, dishes and even poultry. Because of the resistance placed under the storage, it will reproduce the same effect as a traditional oven. Although they are the most expensive type on the market, integrated microwaves save money by avoiding the purchase of a traditional oven in addition to a microwave.

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