There is a brilliant phrase, the author of which we do not know, that is “what is not seen, is not remembered”. Through this first part of the line, we can say that marketing plays an important role when it comes to reputation, because with the best metrics, the right concept of advertising , it is possible to reach a large number of people. Well, let’s talk a little to understand if digital marketing is boring? 

Of course, when we talk about digital marketing, for many the idea is fake, something that makes no sense and is created by those who prefer to live in a cybernetic bubble instead of entering the “real world”. . It turns out that in our day and age it is impossible to distinguish the real from the virtual, because the paths are intertwined and leave the demand of one for the other. 

What is digital marketing? 

Digital marketing is the marketing strategy applied in the online world. As you can imagine, this is a very broad concept, because there are countless activities that can be done online.  A digital marketing campaign can have several objectives, such as: 

  • Make your brand more recognizable; 
  • Attract more subscribers to your newsletter content; 
  • Drive visitors to your website; 
  • Make more sales. 

These are some of the main examples and, for each of these goals, there are several activities that can help you. In this article we will have a special section to discuss the main strategies in digital marketing. So follow us! 

what is a concept 

Digital marketing achieves the goal of any business: to sell. To get there, however, there are many different techniques, designs and strategies.  Digital marketing, therefore, is concerned with what is done online to increase sales, whether in virtual or physical stores.  Maybe we can stop here and categorize that no, digital marketing is not a scam! 

How long has Digital Marketing been around? 

The history of digital marketing begins in the 90s, when the Internet began to grow more and more, which allowed the strategies we know today to gain power.   This was the time when major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN appeared and other major media, such as communication software, electronic commerce and email, began to give their first signals. This is the era of the so-called Web 1.0, where everything on the Internet is reserved for companies, with only content created by them. But it was in the 2000s that digital marketing had its “boom”,

When social networks and Google began to gain more ground.  This is also the time marked by Web 2.0, also known as the participatory web.  Then we see the development of communication on the web, with blogs, chats and social networks. The content, therefore, is only generated by the users and the Internet becomes popular once and for all. But we cannot forget the era of Web 3.0 that we live in today. This is where the internet reaches its highest level, with a focus on information in an organized, high-speed and shared manner, in addition to 24/7 mobile connectivity. 

Digital marketing tools 

Digital marketing can never be considered as a cover, as its existence is a great help to the economy and the market in general.  

Do you know what tools you can use to do quality digital marketing? We list some tools that can help you reach your audience and organize yourself for it. See: 

  • Google Analytics 
  • SimilarWeb 
  • Google Search Console 
  • Google Tag Manager 
  • Canvas 
  • RD Station 
  • Trello 

They are not the only ones on the market, but they are probably the ones that will most likely lead you down the road of productivity on the way to success in the virtual world. 

The importance of digital marketing 

Digital marketing is a powerful partner for companies looking to leverage their marketing and attract new, more visible customers. Businesses can choose from paid or unpaid advertising, which is an option to get new customers without generating any money for the business. 

Your business can make a lot of money with digital marketing 

Digital Marketing strategy gives your industry a greater opportunity to convert leads (customers). One of these strategies, marketing automation and even email marketing tools, for example, can result in 77% more conversions. 

How to do digital marketing 

If you want to know how to make an effective digital marketing plan, read the little script we created carefully and take the notes that you think might suit your needs. 

  • Define your goals clearly 

Top tips for anyone who wants to know how to create a digital marketing plan: First of all, clearly define your goals. When you set goals, you must clearly define what you want from your digital marketing activities so that your plan is well focused.  Timing of leads is also essential, because due to the amount of work involved in any digital marketing campaign, time can easily get out of control. 

  • Research and understand your target audience 

One of the most important steps for anyone to create a digital marketing plan is researching the characteristics of their target audience. We now have a number of tools on the Internet to better understand the profile of visitors to a particular website.  Based on this analysis, we can track the profile of a specific audience and adapt the language and content to be produced in our activities. In addition, you will be able to direct your campaign to the most important ones, using distribution tools available, for example, in Google Ads and Facebook Ads. After defining your target audience, create a Marketing Persona, that is, an imagined potential customer who has the characteristics of the group you want to influence. Your audience’s feedback will help you a lot in understanding the group’s behavior, needs and wants. How can you make an effective digital marketing plan if you don’t focus on the audience you want to reach? 

  • Develop your main digital marketing strategy 

Another important tip for those who want to know how to make a digital marketing plan, is to clearly define what your main digital marketing strategy will be from the beginning. Depending on the industry you work in, some strategies work better than others. For example, fashion and accessories work well using social media marketing. For industries that meet a need, that is, offering a product or service that people sometimes don’t know where to find, search marketing tends to provide better results. 

  • Determine the marketing channels to use 

There are many options for brand promotion on the Internet and it is necessary, at the beginning of the project, to determine which channel is the most suitable for each type of campaign, depending on the target audience to reach. The type of channel does not mean the obligation to use all of them. The ones that, by their very nature you should use, can generate qualified traffic to your website. You can even use different positions at the beginning of the campaign, but you should monitor them closely to identify those that do not generate traffic or conversions related to the site and then discard them. Investments in digital marketing should be focused on results and since digital marketing planning optimizes resources, it is important to focus on the highest return channels. There are many other ways in digital to leverage your business. If you find it interesting and want to know more, talk to us, we will be very happy to know that we bring knowledge and prepare many more articles on the subject. 

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