How To Promote Creativity In Children At School?

When considering creativity, most people think it is an inborn talent. No, it is not so because parents promote creative thinking skills in their children at a young age. No one can guarantee that a child will bear artistic quality during birth. 

Their parents offer them a chance to become an artist later in life. They gift them all the necessary tools to help them think creatively. Activities that light up the imaginations can help your child develop creative thinking skills. The activities can be art projects, building blocks, or thinking-based games. 

Many English medium schools in Ahmedabad enable their students to engage in extracurricular activities, enabling them to create new things while learning. For schools with a Montessori curriculum, the students develop creative skills through painting and other artistic activities.

In this article, we will share some tips to help foster creativity in your child at home and school.

Teach your child to create gifts.

Making gift items is the best way to foster creativity in your children. You can help your children create gifts for others rather than buy them from the store. Making gifts with your children is the best way to show them the enjoyment of creativity. It is a personal way for your children to thank their family and friends, unlike a signature on a card or a tiny trinket. 

As your children grow up, they may wish to make personalised and advanced gift items. They might paint pictures of places that your family likes. They may also access more sophisticated woodworking, moulding, or crafting. 

Make your child question things.

Urging children to wonder is one of the best ways of promoting creative thinking in them. You ask your child a few questions whenever you spend time with them. You can ask questions about the colour of the sky or why the ocean has waves. Why do lakes and ponds not have waves like the sea? When you explain such things to your child, it will create curiosity in them. So, it will enhance their creative skills and inculcate problem-solving capabilities. Also, read about the Montessori Curriculum

Teach problem-solving skills to your child.

Educating children on different ways of solving problems can improve their self-confidence. You, as a parent, should help your kids find more than one way to solve academic and practical problems. You can also teach them to deal with life problems from different perspectives. 

For example – You can familiarise children with formulas or keys to solve mathematical problems. Similarly, you can introduce them to moral stories to help them solve problems in thought-provoking ways. 

Educate your child on using apps, gadgets, and games.

Most parents consider technology limits a child’s creativity. It will be beneficial if our child uses it correctly and moderately. Apps, gadgets, and games can help your child develop creative thinking skills. You can find many apps designed to improve kids’ mental abilities, so your child is no exception. 

Their design can enhance your child’s creative thinking skills. You can also consider using brain game apps. They can help your child improve problem-solving skills. Teaching your child about playing video games can help them develop many other skills. 

The key to enhancing your child’s creative thinking skills counts in the game you choose. You can better consider age-appropriate and mind-stimulating games. These video games can help them solve problems and improve their fine motor skills.

These are some ways to help develop creativity in children. All these can stimulate the child’s brain, compelling them to think differently and find solutions to problems without nervousness. Remember to take the help of technology as it is an inseparable part of our lives, and children are no exception. 

Creativity can also have many outlets: writing, painting, acting or developing mobile apps. Recognise the one your child is more inclined towards and support them to build their confidence while making them independent.  

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