Convection Oven Vs Microwave Oven: Comparison, Facts, and Specifications

Ovens are usually used to cook, bake, and heat food. If we talk about history, ovens were invented in 1490. France built this oven by using bricks and tiles. Then technology advances and today we are doing a comparison of convection ovens vs microwave ovens. Both ovens are used for the same purposes, cooking and heating food. But the functions, methods, and techniques of using both ovens are different.  

A convection oven is used to cook food with the help of a turbo oven or fan. The fan flows and provides regular distribution of heat to the food item. Convection ovens are much faster than microwave ovens.

On the other hand, the microwave oven is also used to cook food with help of microwaves. Microwave ovens work differently from convection ovens as it heats the water molecules of food in terms of cooking the food. Moreover, microwave ovens are best for frozen food, canned food, baking, steaming, and heated refrigeration.

Convection Oven Vs Microwave Oven

Convection ovens and microwave ovens both are used to defrost frozen items. You can cook or bake your food in less period. Although these items have many similarities many things in a convection oven differ from the microwave oven. 


Every machine has a unique configuration. Both are compact and take up little space on your counter. If you don’t want to buy a microwave, you can have convection ovens installed above your stove. They are out of the way and simpler to access. 

Usually, a microwave releases waves to cook the food, on the other hand, a convection oven utilizes gas or electricity that releases heat evenly. Moreover, you can go for a microwave with convection for better results. This thing will be easier for you. 

Cooking Method 

This is the major difference between a convection oven vs microwave oven. Both use different methods to cook, bake and heat the meal. A convection oven uses a fan to release the heat to cook the food. And you can also make your food crispy and brown according to your taste with this convection oven. 

The microwave oven emits non-ionized rays to cook the food. These rays are absorbed in the fat and water of the food and heat the food. This is how a microwave oven works. The placement of the food and frequent stirring is essential when using this heating method because if fat and water are not distributed evenly throughout the food, it will heat unevenly.

The fan releases the hot air continuously which makes the food crispy and brown while in a microwave oven the air is at room temperature which doesn’t make your food crispy or brown. So if you want to eat brown or crispy food then you must have a convection oven. 

Cooking Time 

As we discussed in this article that convection oven emits heat with the help of a fan that takes s shorter time to heat the food. Meanwhile, a microwave oven uses radiation to cook food with the help of rays and rays absorbed in the fat and water of the food which takes more time to cook. So, the convection oven cooks the food in lesser time and the microwave oven takes more time to heat the meal. 

Operating Temperature

Operating temperature also makes difference between a convection oven vs microwave oven. This is the feature at which the machine works. A microwave oven uses radiation to cook the food which takes a long time and on the other hand, a convection oven emits heated air that cooks the food instantly. Moreover, this convection oven works at low temperatures. 


The uses of both ovens are almost similar but there are still differences in the uses of the convection oven and microwave ovens. If you want to bake the food, then you have to choose a convection oven. Moreover, you can also use a convection oven for roasting, browning, and grilling the food. And microwave oven is best to warm already cooked food and you can utilize this oven to defrost the frozen meal, make popcorn, make pizza, and boil water. 

Convection Oven Microwave Oven 
Versatile appliance Great for quickly heating foods with high-water content
Faster Cooking Ease of cleaning and maintenance
More Energy EfficientCheaper cost
Safe for Cooking Less burnt meals
No temperature fluctuations Keeps your kitchen cool and quiet

What Type Would Be Best for You?

So, this is all about a convection oven vs a microwave oven! These all are the differences between a convection oven and a microwave oven. If you want to eat a crispy favorite food, then you must buy this convection oven. Meanwhile, if you want to cook pizza, popcorn and pasta then you can select the microwave oven. And microwave oven is also used to defrost frozen food. So, this was a brief overview of the convection oven and microwave oven. Moreover, if you want to enjoy the features of both then you can select the convection, microwave oven. So, the decision is over to you and you can select according to your need.

How Does a Microwave Oven Work?

The user frequently stays inquisitive about how a microwave functions. There are different fantasies and confusions which make individuals ponder how a microwave works.

It isn’t quite as confounded as it looks. The name Microwave itself says that it utilizes microwave radiation to prepare food. The microwaves produce heat inside the inside which assists the food with preparation. The microwaves make heat through the water particles which is the reason the food that contains water gets cooked quicker than others.

How Long Does a Microwave Endure?

It relies heavily on how cautiously you utilize the microwave. The typical existence of a microwave is 6 to 7 years however it very well may be longer on the off chance that every one of the precautionary measures is followed

Might We at any point Involve a Microwave for Baking?

Indeed, most current microwaves are multi-utilitarian accordingly they can be utilized for heat.

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