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Some outstanding facilities and amenities in a blue world city

A blue world city is s mega housing project by a blue group of companies. In addition to the luxury lifestyle and international standards, this housing society also offers golden investment opportunities.

Facilities and amenities:

The developers and management of blue world city have aimed to provide world-class amenities and luxurious facilities at very affordable rates. This is a project in which everyone with even middle-class backgrounds can invest easily with the help of a convenient payment plan

Utility facilities:

BLUE World City is situated in a prime location. The fulfillment¬†of necessities, which was society’s top goal, was done as effectively as possible. Society provides water, gas, and power 24/7. These services are accessible day and night through underground pipelines. This facility enables society to be made more beautiful and secure. In the community, there won’t be any water, gas, or electricity load shedding, and the pressure of gas won’t drop in the winter either.

turkey blue mosque replica:

Many architects throughout the world have taken inspiration from Turkey’s Blue Mosque. The adjacent Blue Mosque replica was built in accordance with this idea. Famous Muslim architects completed the construction of this magnificent mosque in 1609. It symbolizes the revival and survival of Islamic principles and traditional Islamic architecture. One of Blue World City’s most recognizable¬†symbols would be the mosque in society.

commercial hub:

One of the best commercial areas in the area can be found in this contemporary housing development, which will probably grow to be Pakistan’s largest commercial hub. Residents won’t have to leave society’s boundaries to make any purchases due to this hub serving as their one-stop shop for all shopping requirements.

Theme water park:

The largest water theme park in Pakistan will be developed and inaugurated by Blue World City. Water slides, slides, a wave pool, a volcanic waterfall, a swimming pool for small kids, and water surfing will all be featured in this eye-catching park.

Secured and gated community:

A blue world city is a modern residential society that can be found in Islamabad, Pakistan. It is developed and planned in accordance with its master plan. With a current security system and trained security staff, the city will be one of the safest and most secure in the country.

In order to give the esteemed residents a perfect security system, CCTV cameras and alarm systems are also being built. The thorough security strategy will also include security personnel. Teams of security staff are also employed to offer security at public events and social gatherings.


In addition to a replica of the blue mosque, every sector will have its own mosque so that the residents can fulfill their religious obligations easily within the sector, Jamia mosque will be built for jummah prayers

Wide roads:

To connect society from within and make it simple to access any portion of it, the developers are building the most up-to-date, state-of-the-art, spacious, and wide network of roads in the world. These roads are being constructed with lengths of 40, 60, 80, 100, and 120 feet, respectively. For the convenience of visitors and to further increase society’s beauty, paved sidewalks and walkways will also be constructed.

Transportation system:

Residents will be able to travel from one location to another within Blue City due to the existence of a well-organized and planned transportation system.

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