7 Luxury Furniture Brands

EJ Victor Furniture

In 1990, EJ Victor was founded with a single goal: to create furniture of the highest quality that would be suitable Furniture Lounge Sunderland for modern living. In 1996, the company launched its first significant collection of designer furniture featuring Carol Hicks Bolton.

This collaboration helped increase EJ Victor’s popularity among its public and its critics. In 2019, the brand launched two other collections: the Ryan Korban Collection and the Browne & Moore Collection. Korban blends feminine and masculine identity with its genuine craftsmanship and attention to minor details.

Korban’s Browne & Moore Collection is identified by its modern and sophisticated designs that blend to produce “Modern Classic” design elements that instantly fit virtually any setting.

With the recent announcement of the new ED Ellen DeGeneres Collection for 2020, this brand includes all design elements, as the collection provides a broad view of style, combining modern traditional, rustic, and traditional aesthetics.

This company is proud of the quality of its dedicated employees with the expertise of their experience and dedication to creating high-quality furniture for the benefit of their customers.

This, along with its diverse yet synchronistic furniture aesthetic, has earned EJ Victor its place on this list. We suggest EJ Victor Furniture when your client wants a naturally elegant area with distinctive accessories to showcase their uniqueness.

Fine Furniture Design

The brand has been in operation for the last 16 years, supplying its customers with expertly made solid wood furniture and exceptional customer service. Furniture Direct UK

The company’s designers are certified cabinet makers with specialized expertise, which means they can ensure that each product sold in their showrooms meets the highest standards of quality.

The distinctive style of the brand is traditional. However, everything they offer is innovative, capable of bringing new life into an old room or revitalizing the formal space with distinctive designs.

We suggest furniture from Fine Furniture Design to those who want to furnish the dining area and looking for items that will add personality to the space without sacrificing the aesthetics.

Global Views Furniture

The brand Furniture Warehouse Sunderland was founded in 1997. The brand’s goal is? Create a distinctive collection of furniture accessories and accent pieces suitable for every home.

To achieve this, the founders utilized their experiences as buyers of retail products and their marketing and product development knowledge to design a collection of unique home decor items.

Each can reveal the innermost thoughts of a person’s personality through shape and color, allowing peeking into your customer’s thoughts through art.

Global Views Furniture emphasizes the importance of providing excellent customer service, which is why they maintain gorgeous consumer-friendly catalogs and an innovative, ever-changing distributor communication portal that keeps current with the latest products.

The brand is known for its stylish, exotic pieces yet sophisticated and comfortable enough to blend with any design. Sunderland Furniture Centre

We suggest this brand to our clients looking for furniture and accessories to complement their living space. Could you explore our site with your client?

Use the search tool and filter feature to narrow our selection to view vases, sculptures, wall decor, and much more that work in harmony with the aesthetics you’ve created. Ask them to select items they like that will add personality to their living space.

Gloster Furniture

The roots of the brand can be traced back to West Africa. In 1960, a team of furniture designers and entrepreneurs created furniture that could define the mood of the space using the best materials and methods. Living room storage furniture UK

Even though our lives are in an entirely different world, one thing is the same: this brand’s commitment to creating and building the most beautiful furniture for outdoor use.

We believe that the elegance of your client’s home must extend to the outdoor spaces. With the furniture from Gloster, it is possible to create gorgeous exteriors that last forever. Gloster has set the standard for furniture made of hardwood throughout the USA.

If you’re looking for furniture with a stunning polished sheen or a smooth, natural look, rest assured that you’ll find the furniture in our Gloster Furniture selection.

Since Gloster teak is checked thoroughly to ensure the quality of the furniture is durable so that any piece you purchase is guaranteed to last for a long time and you can be sure that you’re investing your customer’s cash wisely when you shop the selection.

McGuire Furniture

McGuire Furniture was launched in 1948. Its goal is to turn natural resources into timeless furniture for your home’s most beloved rooms, using the latest design concepts.

The brand is committed to the most superior quality of hand-crafted design and craftsmanship, which has earned it its place on this list. Bedroom furniture UK

As with Baker McGuire, McGuire’s style differs by collection since McGuire invites leading designers Barbara Barry and Thomas Pheasant to design furniture to match.

All collections are beautiful and built with natural materials, beautiful textiles, and patterns to ensure that every piece of McGuire’s furniture is modern yet reassuring and satisfying in the way only hand-crafted furniture is natural.

We suggest all of the pieces in stock are made by this company since every piece of furniture this brand produces is made by skilled craftsmen who bend, sew, and weave every chair, table, and accessory with their hands.

If this means that artisans work for many hours stitching the leather pieces together or spending afternoons weaving tensioned Danish cords around the frame of a chair, or begin their day by casting leaves into concrete, they’ll accomplish it.

The company is committed to the value of craftsmanship that is done by hand. They recognize that these processes cannot be done in a hurry. Furniture shops in Sunderland

While scale, proportions, and texture determine the look, McGuire’s unique finishing options and ability to blend natural materials with intricate structure make McGuire apart.

Milling Road Furniture

The year was 1957 when Baker purchased The Grand Rapids Chair Co. Because Baker’s Baker name was well-known, the employees at Baker started to develop a range of simple, cheaper furnishings sold under the Milling Road brand to dominate the market in affordable home furnishings. 

Milling Road’s aesthetic goal is to reinterpret the history of design through its products and, while remaining discreetly in the present, discover the beauty of innovation and examine the price of ingenuity. The brand has introduced several collections over time to assist in this.

Milling Road Originals Collection Milling Road Originals Collection explores the latest techniques to appreciate the timeless and versatile style. The Kara Mann Collection uses rich fabrics and warm materials to create enthralling works of art.

Its Darryl Carter Collection allowed the designer to draw on his passion for interiors to create timeless pieces that be incorporated into any room effortlessly.

We suggest Milling Road Furniture for those who wish to ignite their clients’ imagination and revel in the bold and innovative designs of some of the most renowned designers.

Ralph Lauren Furniture

While Ralph Lauren’s name Ralph Lauren is often thought of more in terms of fashion, the brand has spent the past 50 years perfecting the design of traditional American furniture.

The folks working at Ralph Lauren take inspiration from the high-society lifestyle, English nobility, and timeless designs in traditional buildings. Their creations can be lived in and are absolute masterpieces for the home.

We highly recommend the brand’s furniture for anyone who wants to furnish an area that needs to be awash in quality materials, refined in design, and inspiring in style.

We offer everything from stylish furniture and classic sofas to contemporary lighting and accessories that will complete the overall experience. Design a sophisticated, stylish, and welcoming look in any space by incorporating furniture from Ralph Lauren.

This guide of the furniture brands we offer on Decor House helps you find furniture to complete that next task. If you feel furnishings from one or more of the companies listed above will work in the space you’re planning, go to our website to browse everything we stock all in one location.

There are detailed descriptions of the products for every item the brand has produced and a wealth of reference photos.

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