5 Best Ways to Repay your Home Loan Faster

One of the most significant financial decisions is purchasing a home. Although expensive, it adds tranquillity and security to the owner’s life and creates a bankable future asset. Most people build or buy a home with a home loan to fund it. A loan entails owing the loan’s principal to the lender plus a sizable interest over a predetermined period. Also, if you intend to take out a loan against your home, the loan against property calculator will come in handy. It also requires many home loan required documents to register. A client must pay an enormous sum of interest throughout the loan. They must return the loan as quickly as possible to reduce this outflow. 

Below are some ways you can do it:

1. Make a Larger Down Payment if Possible:

Rather than getting the maximum loan balance available, it is preferable to pay the highest down payment available. It will drastically decrease your original loan balance, lowering your interest and EMI load in the long run. If you have the financial resources, you must make a down payment between 20% to 25% or more. If you have any assets that are not producing the desired profits, you should consider selling them to minimise your loan pressure in the future.

2. Consider Additional Fees & Expenses:

You must choose a lender who not only provides a reduced interest rate on a house loan but also has lesser fees and costs. As a result, when selecting a bank, you must also assess transaction costs, missed payment penalties, and other additional charges, as they can add up. Also, remember to pay your EMIs on time to prevent late payment penalties. All kinds of late payment penalties on loans are very high. Furthermore, late payments can harm your credit score, perhaps leading to loan application rejections in the future. Also, to avoid unnecessary fees, you should keep your home loan-required documents safe, which also comes in handy from time to time.

3. Consider Partial Prepayment:

As there is no charge for prepaying a home loan, either totally or partially, for any lender, you can take advantage of this service regularly to continue paying it partly. The cost element of the EMI is bigger in the beginning and gradually decreases with time. Therefore, prepaying any sum during the first part of the loan provides you with a double profit. It lowers not only your loan but also your overall interest due. Use awards and bonuses, maturing deposits, cash gifts from family, friends, and relatives, or any one-time reward for partial prepayment. You can also develop a regular payment plan to help you make such a payment. Use the loan against the property calculator to help select such a plan.

4. Balance Transfers

There are two types of interests: fixed and variable. Opting for a variable loan means that it will be affected by macroeconomic conditions. As a result, when the market suffers a downturn, it is normal to be enticed to switch to a bank that offers a lower interest rate. You can also use the loan against property calculator to derive the monthly instalments.

If you’re thinking about transferring your balance, below are some points to remember.

  • You must ensure that your new lender provides this form of financing.
  • You should see whether there are any charges related to the balance transfer.
  • You must ensure that you can continue making regular repayments after the transfer.

5. Boost Your EMI:

If you have earned a big raise or your salary has grown since taking out a home loan, you could speak with your lender about paying more EMI by decreasing the loan term. It is a systematic method of settling a home loan quickly, particularly among salaried borrowers. Even a modest rise in your EMI might drastically shorten the term of your loan. EMI slips are also considered one of the home loan required documents, so it is necessary for the application. 


Follow the simple steps outlined in the post to pay off your loan faster. Repaying your home loan quicker provides extra money in your pocket, which you may use to fulfil important life goals such as saving for the future, funding your child’s better studies or wedding, taking a family holiday, and so on. Furthermore, clearing off your debts early feels good and relieves financial burdens. Also, check the home loan required documents before applying to any bank to make the procedure easy.

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