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Human Resources

When a company finds that its HR team has reached a ceiling or is unable to address a challenge, it may need help. Human Resources consulting is an excellent option to strengthen the skills of the department and obtain the desired results.

What is a Human Resources consultancy?

HR advice and consultancy focuses on the analysis of the practices or actions carried out by this department. The goal is to find problems or points for improvement and implement the appropriate strategies.

Normally, consultants participate as external providers and their services are contracted at specific times. As, for example, when making structural changes in the culture or organization of the company.

What is a human resources consultant for?

Although HR consultancy is very versatile, its main objective is to help the department in the management, creation of projects and the design of new policies. In short, its function is to improve efficiency, productivity and communication.

Generally, four areas are worked on:

Planning: design and implementation of a general HR plan or for specific projects or areas. It must have objectives and a strategic map.

Processes: creation of protocols and materials associated with them to implement new programs.

Policies: general rules or regulations for the department or organization, which serve to standardize processes.

Practices – Determine what the best practices are within the department when it comes to tackling certain tasks.

Objectives of the Human Resources consultancy

HR consulting New Jersey Companies will find in HR consultants the perfect ally to overcome challenges, optimize processes or make a qualitative leap in people management.

The main objectives are:

  • Analyze and determine the strengths and weaknesses of HR.
  • Participate and advise on the implementation of new processes.
  • Improve and optimize existing processes.
  • Design new internal and external policies for the department.
  • Advise the organization in periods of growth, changes or new stages.

Main services of human resources consulting

HR consultants offer a variety of services in order to cover all the needs of the organization. These focus mainly on:

Recruitment and selection

Most consultancies offer advisory services on the processes of recruitment and selection of candidates. These are responsible for reviewing how it is usually done to propose improvements. Some even carry out this work directly instead of the HR team.


Expert training consultants are in charge of designing and implementing a training plan within the organization. To achieve the desired results, it is necessary to analyze the training needs of the team as well as those of the organization. The proposed program must align the objectives of all parties.

Training can take place through courses, workshops or even mentoring programs within the company. The consultant must find the formula that best suits everyone’s needs.

Internal communication

Consultants that offer internal communication services focus on improving all aspects related to this area. To do this, they must analyze which channels are used, at what time, to whom the information reaches and to whom it does not, etc.

Communication is an important pillar within organizations as well as transparency in processes. The human resources consultant will be able to advise companies to achieve an environment in which information flows in all directions. He must also propose what are the appropriate means to promote communication.

Employer branding

The image that the company transmits abroad is fundamental when it comes to attracting talent. This is what is known as employer branding. The work of the consultancy can be aimed at improving the image of the brand.

In general, the employees of the organization will have a fundamental role in employer branding. Their satisfaction within the company will make them become true ambassadors and transmit a positive image.

Performance evaluation

As with the recruitment and selection processes, we can ask the consultant to help us optimize the work that is done internally or delegate the evaluation of employees to them.

Having an expert point of view will allow the HR team to improve their processes and evaluate employees in a much more reliable and useful way.

How to identify if my company needs to hire HR consulting?

Depending on the size of the company, there are certain times when it will be very helpful to have the support of a consultant.

Selection and evaluation of the staff: An external consultant specialized in recruitment can be key when the company needs to hire or dismiss staff. In both cases, it is essential to know how to detect talent.

Changes in business strategy – If there has been a major change in direction in the company’s business strategy, it may be necessary to enlist the help of a consultant to build a new team that is capable of achieving the goals.

Lack of organizational policies or processes – In small or rapidly growing companies, there is often a lack of time to implement adequate internal processes or policies. Consulting can be helpful in shaping the organization and establishing an order that works for everyone.

Changes in the work environment: when it is necessary to improve the culture of the organization, the work environment or implement new technologies, a consultant can be of great help in taking the appropriate steps.

How to choose a good Human Resources consultant?

In the business world, it can sometimes be difficult to find the right HR consultant. It’s best to thoroughly research your options, take into account the skills of your current team, and understand where an outside provider might be useful. You also have to understand that there are specialized consultants in a specific area, such as the recruitment consultant or the training consultant.

In addition to this, when selecting a consulting services company, it is necessary to take into account:

Know the background well: experience is one of the most important factors. The most valuable consultants are those with extensive industry experience. It is important to know the history and skills of the company, previous clients, etc.

Look for references: ask peers in the sector if they know some of the companies you are evaluating. If you can’t find references, ask the companies for them. If your customers are happy with the service they received, they will have no problem talking to you.

Prioritize specialists – This is a sector with many areas of specialization. When looking for a consultant to fill a specific need, try to find one who is an expert in that area. Large consulting firms usually have specialized profiles.

Request an action plan: ask the consultants to present you with an action plan for the required projects. This will allow you to check if they have understood your needs well and what their way of working is.

What is the price of HR consulting?

The cost of HR consulting services depends on many factors, although the main one is the type of services purchased.

If, for example, we hire the consultant to carry out a selection process, a percentage of between 10% and 15% of the candidate’s annual gross salary will normally be taken.

However, if we are going to have an external consultant to help us digitize the organization for a full year, it will be normal to pay a fixed amount each month.

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