Y-91 Radioembolization in Alamogordo – A New Treatment Option for Cancer:

Radioembolization, or Y-91 treatment, is a new cancer treatment that utilizes microspheres of yttrium-90 (Y-90) to prevent the spread of certain tumors. These microspheres are injected directly into the tumor through an intravenous line and target cancer cells in the area, killing them without harming healthy tissue around the tumor. Radioembolization with Y-91 has been shown to be effective in slowing the spread of several types of cancer, including prostate, breast, and lung cancers as well as lymphoma and sarcoma.

What is radioembolization?
Y-90 Yttrium is a radioactive isotope that acts as a chelating agent. After delivering it to cancerous tissue, there are several different outcomes that can occur. In some cases, Y-90 will attach itself to cancer cells and destroy them from within.

What is the treatment process?
At our Y-91 radioembolization center in Alamogordo, NM, we offer a painless treatment that can have immediate positive results. First, you will be given a small dose of Y-90 (the radioactive isotope) via an IV. About three to four hours later, you will be scanned using a high-resolution
MRI scanner. Your doctor will then use these images to target specific tumors and administer a second injection of Y-90 directly into them.

How do you benefit from radioembolization?
Radioembolization is a minimally invasive treatment that uses gold particles to destroy cancerous tumors. It’s an alternative to surgery and chemotherapy
and helps manage tumors without removing them from their original position in your body. Radioembolization also prevents cancer cells from spreading through your system by blocking off their blood supply.

Who does radioembolization treat?
This treatment can be used to treat patients with liver cancer that has spread to other organs. It can also help to slow the growth of metastatic tumors that have no cure like pancreatic and lung cancer. In some cases, it is a good treatment option when surgical options aren’t available or possible.

What happens after radioembolization?
After radioembolization, you will be taken back to your hospital room and given oral pain medications. The nursing staff will also monitor your blood pressure and pulse to make sure there is no excessive bleeding. If everything goes smoothly, you may go home later that day. Some patients stay overnight; however, most can return home on the same day as their treatment. Please take it easy for a few days after coming home: rest and avoid strenuous activities or travel.

Why choose Alamogordo Imaging Center for your procedure?
Several radiology centers have 1.5T or 3.0T MRI technology and call themselves Magnetic Resonance Imaging centers, but many do not have an interventional radiologist on staff who can perform radioembolization. In some cases, these centers send you off to Albuquerque to receive treatment. At Alamogordo Imaging Center, we are a fully functioning imaging center with high-quality imaging equipment and a board-certified
radiologist able to treat our patients directly from our office.

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