Window Zebra Blinds: Major Dos And Don’ts While Buying Them.

It is not just ok but smart to have awareness about the dos and don’ts of your actions. This will help you a lot in interior design and without that awareness, everything is going to be poorly finished.

Things are serious when you going to cover your windows. Having windows are essential for a house and then covering them rightly becomes the concern.

There are many as many window coverings are now out there. Many of them are redesigned and many of them just got introduced. Window blinds are the most popular and well-reputed solution for covering any kind of window.

Window blinds are not a new thing for people they are here for centuries now. But some new types need your attention. Introducing, Window Zebra Blinds. You can simplify yourself by taking them as an upgraded version of roller blinds. So, what are some major dos and don’ts of zebra blinds?

Do Buy Zebra Blinds If You Want Affordability

This has to be at the top, people love to have affordability on a product that is not only good-looking but also useful. Window zebra blinds are the best example of that.

Do buy them for their affordability along class but don’t consider them ordinary. They are not expensive doesn’t mean that they are just ordinary window coverings that can fade away after some time.

Not that their material is ordinary and not the design both are right on target to have an intense class and grace in your interior.

Do Buy Zebra Blinds For Durability

As I said that their material is not ordinary. The reason behind their affordability is that they are made of synthetic material. They are cheap from standard window blinds but have the potential to stand still regarding durability.

If used mindfully means using them in a place where there are fewer chances of serious damage by any cause they can be a last longing window blinds.

Almost all window blinds are durable but the waterproof ones are great for you if you have a high level of humidity and moisture in your place. Window zebra blinds are one of those waterproof ones.

Do Buy Zebra Blinds To Have Transitional Look

Window zebra blinds have alternate solid and sheer stripes. They have a single panel of fabric just like roller blinds but in zebra blinds, this single panel is looped around the two tubes of zebra blinds.

One tube is at the top and one is at the bottom. The loop turns the single panel into two back-and-forth layers. Due to the loop, the stripes move as the blinds roll up and down.

Back and forth layer stripes start overlapping each other. So, if even you have the same color for both solid and sheer stripes even then you have two different tones of the same color. It is recommended to have a separate color for each stripe.

So, every time the window blinds roll up or down, stripes overlap and due to the different colors you gonna have transitional look every time.

Do Buy Them For Ultimate Privacy And Light Control

Due to the loop of the single panel around two top and bottom tubes, the single panel tends to have two back-and-forth layers.

When the window blind starts working the panel rolls up and down but also because of the loop the panel rolls around two tubes, hence the alternate stripes start moving vertically up and down.

From there the overlapping of back and forth stripes occurs. You can control the privacy and light because you can control the overlapping position of the solid and sheer stripes.

For a good filtered light try adjusting the overlapping in that certain way. Align the front layer sheer stripes over the backend layer sheer stripes. This will double up the sheer stripes, hence all the sheer stripes are now exposed to let you have light in the room.

For privacy, do the opposite. Block the expose sheer stripes by aligning the overlapping of the front layer solid stripes over the backend layer sheer stripes. This will block all possible pass-through of light, hence you will have impressive privacy.

Don’t Buy Zebra Blinds For Small Or Narrow Windows

Any kind of vertically designed window covering looks stupid on small or narrow dimensional windows. Like roller blinds, zebra blinds also have width, so, it is hard to find a zebra blind if you want to place them on the sill.

Even if you place them over the sill, then maybe they look decent while fully laying down but when they pull up and behind is a small and narrow window then trust me they look awkwardly stupid.

Don’t Buy If There Are High Chances Of Accidental Damage

Like roller blinds, zebra blinds get easily damaged. No matter what’s the cause. Indeed, they are durable but not in the sense that your child or someone else strick them or pulls them badly.

And if they got damaged once, then most likely you have to replace the whole window blind.

Don’t Buy If You Want A Good Amount Of Light While The Blind Is Down

This is I think a major drawback of these classy window blinds. Hopefully, you are now aware that how these blinds manage light. They overlap as the front layer stripes align over the backend layer sheer stripes.

Due to that cause, there is a double layer of sheer stripes, hence the opacity increases. They block much of the light, leaving not much light inside.

To have good light, you have to pull up the whole window blind and compromise your privacy. See, this is a huge drawback and a solid reason to avoid them.

These are the only few don’ts of window zebra blinds. Clearly, Window Zebra Blinds are worth your money, especially, if you live in Canada. Because Canadians normally have tall windows.

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