Wilson Locksmith Port Melbourne Can Help With All Your Home Security Needs

We are a team of mobile wilson locksmith that can help you with your security needs, whether you need us to lock you out of your home or your car, we can be there for you.

We have many years of experience in providing locksmith services to the community and businesses of Port Melbourne. We are proud to offer a wide range of security solutions and are available 24 hours a day for emergencies.

Keyless Systems

When it comes to home security, many homeowners are looking for solutions that combine convenience and safety. Keyless systems are a great way to achieve this link. They allow you to unlock your doors with a code or remote, without having to carry around keys.

The team at locksmith port melbourne offer a wide range of keyless systems that can fit almost any budget. These can include keypads, key fobs, and smart locks.

They also provide emergency services, so you can get help with any lock issues you may have. You can count on their friendly and reliable team to be there when you need them.

At locksmith port melbourne we understand that one of the most stressful things to happen is when you have forgotten your keys at home. It can be incredibly frustrating and time consuming to find them, especially when you are running late or in a rush.

To lessen the chance of you finding yourself in this scenario, the Port Melbourne locksmiths team would recommend to make good habits of where you keep your keys and making sure that they are stored away from view when you are not using them. This will prevent potential thieves from gaining access to your property through the windows and other points of entry which are usually left unlocked when you are not at home.

In addition to this, it is a good idea to get a professional to set up your home alarm system, which will sound the alarm when motion is detected. This will notify you of any unauthorized movement within your home, and can even be triggered by mobile devices or other systems, allowing you to take photos or record video.

Another option that you can consider is a timer system. These are wired to the mains and controlled by a digital display. They are an efficient and cost effective alternative to CCTV cameras, although they can come with a few drawbacks.

The best thing about a timer is that it can be customised to suit your needs and requirements. For example, you can set it to turn on at a specific time each day and can be programmed to run at a different time each night. In this way, you can be sure that your home will always be secure and safe at all times.

Motion Detectors

Motion detectors are an important part of a home security system. They detect movement within a house and immediately send a signal to your security system’s control panel. When your system detects a motion sensor, it can automatically turn on a light, security camera, or alarm.

Where to Mount a Motion Detector

The most effective place for a motion detector is near a main entrance. This will help them detect intruders as soon as they enter your property. It will also prevent them from tampering with your home and stealing your belongings.

You can mount the motion detector yourself or have a professional do it for you. If you decide to do it yourself, the process is relatively simple. You’ll need to determine where you want the detector to go and fasten it in place using adhesives or screws.

If you’re buying a home security system www.wilsonlocksmith.com.au, you’ll probably find that it comes with some motion detectors already installed. These detectors are usually connected to your security system, which you can control through a mobile app or your main keypad.

Depending on the type of motion detector you buy, you may have to connect it to your system via a wireless connection or through a smart hub. This will allow you to connect it to your other appliances and lighting, and to set up alerts on your mobile device when there’s motion in certain areas of the home.

For example, the Z-Wave powered Aeotec TriSensor (about $45) can be connected to your smart hub and can trigger a light or other smart devices when motion is detected in your home. You can also adjust the motion detector’s sensitivity through your smart hub.

PIR sensors use infrared light to sense motion. They’re usually paired with a microwave sensor to maximize their accuracy.

When a PIR sensor senses movement, it picks up heat and sends a signal to your home security system’s control panel. If the microwave sensor detects the same movement, it can activate the alarm.

Vibration sensors and area reflective sensors work similar to PIR sensors, but they use different technologies. These sensors measure the vibration of objects in the room and then report the distance to a nearby object.

Timer Systems

There are a variety of timer systems that can be used to protect your home from opportunistic burglars. Locksmith Port Melbourne can provide a range of different options to suit your needs, from door bell triggers and motion detectors to home alarm systems that can be programmed as much or as little as you like to be triggered when someone approaches your property.

Another great way to prevent opportunistic thieves is to keep good habits for where you place your valuables and belongings when they aren’t in use. For example, if you have an iPad or tablet at home that isn’t in use, make sure that it is hidden away when not in use, in a secure location where a burglar can’t easily reach it.

A simple and convenient way to ensure that you can access your home when you’re not around is to use a key-less system. These systems are a great way to ensure that you don’t have to worry about losing your keys, as they can be accessed from any smart phone or device with a Bluetooth connection.

These types of systems can be extremely convenient and practical, especially if you’re often leaving your house without a key. These type of systems will also give you a sense of security knowing that you are able to unlock your home with the touch of a button on your mobile phone, and can be a huge help for people who have to work during the day or are busy parents.

This type of timer system is a great way to make your home look occupied when you’re not there, and will deter opportunistic burglars. Many of these systems can be controlled through a smartphone app, and can be set to mimic the times you would usually be at home, and have the option to change them at short notice should you wish.

These timer systems can be highly useful for people who are planning on spending time at home over the Christmas holidays, as they will deter opportunistic thieves who may be looking for targets. They can also be useful for people who are going on holiday, as they will give you the security of being able to lock and unlock your home from anywhere in the world with the help of a mobile phone.


The team at locksmith port melbourne would like to point out that although we’re not dog lovers ourselves, we do understand the value of pets in a household. A dog on your premises is a strong deterrent to burglars, and the best part is it doesn’t require the owner to be in the same room. It can also be a lot of fun to play with, and as a pet owner, it’s nice to have your furry friend around for company at all times. Of course, if you don’t want to take the leap and get your own canine companion, there are plenty of other ways to keep your pets safe while on vacation or in the home, from home security systems to pet proofing.

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