Why learn Arabic in 2022?

Are you still hesitating to start to arabic spoken course It won’t last. Discover the 5 main reasons why you absolutely must learn this language of the future!

1. Because it’s the 4th most spoken language in the world

300 million is the number of people who speak Arabic today, according to the Modern Language Center at the University of Birmingham. A figure that ranks the language of the prophet in 4th place among the most spoken languages ​​in the world, after Chinese, English, Spanish, and just ahead Hindi. Modern Standard Arabic, the one you are about to learn, is the official language of more than 20 countries around the world. Among them are Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Mauritania, Oman, Qatar, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, and even Yemen.

2. Because it is linked to one of the greatest cultures in history

Do you know who invented paper, the telescope, algebra, arithmetic, or the glider, the ancestor of our planes? Who introduced the basic arabic course of chess to Europe? And who developed astronomy, preventive and surgical medicine, or even established figures everywhere in the world (or almost), as we know them today? The answer is… Arab-Muslim civilization! Indeed, from the 7th century, the date of the birth of Islam, until the end of the Renaissance, Arab culture had an immense influence on the European world. From this period rich in discoveries, we have kept many elements that have truly revolutionized our way of life. Learning Arabic is thus pushing the doors of a culture of infinite richness!

3. Because on the job market, Arabic speakers are highly sought after

Industry, energy, technologies, tourism, commerce, luxury, foreign affairs, diplomacy… In many sectors, recruiters are actively looking for people who speak the Arabic language. In fact, over the past fifty years, certain countries in the Arab world have become world economic powers that we cannot do without. This is particularly Learn arabic fast the case in the United Arab Emirates, which has become rich thanks to the exploitation of oil and gas. Their capital, Abu Dhabi, has today, in 2022, more than 2 million inhabitants against barely 2000 in 1950. According to the IMF, the United Arab Emirates even currently occupy the 30th rank of the richest countries in the world, with a GDP of $401 billion. 

4. Because it allows you to discover Islam

In 2015, there were 1.8 billion Muslims in the world, i.e. a quarter of the world’s population. In terms of number of believers, Islam thus occupies the 2nd place in the world ranking after Christianity and just ahead of Hinduism. The Islamic religion has had a considerable influence on the history of Arab art, architecture, literature, poetry, etc. Islam is divided into two main currents of thought, which are Sunnism, which brings together nearly 90% of Muslims, and Shiism, in particular the majority in Iran. Among the 1.8 billion Muslims, only 20% of them live in an Arab country. Yes, you may not have known it, but Indonesia is the country with the largest Muslim population in the world! Finally, discover the culture of Islam, it is also to know more about the major religious holidays of the year, such as Eid al-Adha, Achoura, or Ramadan. Clearly, it is to feed your general culture with new knowledge!

5. Because if you are a journalist or interested in international relations, it is essential.

Are you passionate about journalism and geopolitics and would you like to work in this sector later on? Being able to read, write and speak Arabic could be your greatest asset. Indeed, it is essential to master the Arabic language. And this type of media continues to multiply. Proof of this is the example of Al-Jazeera, created in 1996 in Qatar, which currently claims more than 25 million viewers in North Africa and the Middle East alone. This channel is present everywhere today, and has also been translated into many languages, such as English, Turkish, French, and even very recently Chinese, with the creation of Al-Jazeera China.

Do you want to start learning classical Arabic now? Don’t wait a minute longer and discover the How to speak arabic that suits you. Yala! (Ahead !)

How to learn Arabic fast in a creative way?

We recommend for you the Arabic Fast platform which presents the Arabic language in a simple form so that non-natives could learn to speak it without having to worry too much about grammar. They use unique techniques and reduce the complexity to make learning Arabic much easier. Arabic Fast is the best way to get started on your journey of learning Arabic. You don’t need to know the Arabic alphabet at all to become able to converse in Arabic in a short duration. In addition, Arabic Fast can give you a head start in Arabic literature if you ever decide to go down that path.

As one of the most widely spoken Arabic ​​in the world, though rarely taught in schools outside the Middle East, we’ve chosen to bring you Arabic as the next language to learn – here are the top reasons:

1. It’s an exciting challenge

Studying Arabic involves learning an entirely new alphabet and writing from right to left. So, if you have already mastered a second or third language such as Spanish or French, no doubt you are ready to put your language skills to the test. Thus, Arabic, which uses different spheres of information processing, will stimulate your brain.

2. It’s a really nice language

If language learning was a popularity contest, Arabic would be the trend. In parts of the world like Europe and the United States, where it is not widely spoken, the language is highly sought after, both by employers and by a growing community of language students.

There’s a huge number of students who want to best way to learn arabic language, that’s why enrolling in Arabic courses has never been greater, so the quality and availability of courses have improved rapidly.

3. Make friends among other populations…

The people of the Middle East and Arabic-speaking Africa are known for their warm welcome and sincere friendship towards visitors. The latter, with whom you almost always strike up a friendly conversation, and invited to the humblest homes to chat over a mint tea or a coffee.

It’s not uncommon for visitors to know a word or two of Arabic – for example, Shukran , which means Thank You – but being able to converse in your hosts’ native language is a mark of extreme politeness that elicits great enthusiasm.

4. … and during your studies            

Of course, spending time studying with your classmates is another proven way to create a new group of close friends. By learning together, practicing together, living together and talking together, your study abroad classmates become friends for life.

5. For a huge employability boost

While learning any second language is a good spot on your CV, the learn arabic alphabet is an unusually sought-after choice. A good master’s degree will enhance your skill set and allow you to orient yourself towards a multitude of careers.

Whether you want to become an interpreter or work in the military, or even take up journalism or reporting, Arabic can come in extremely handy.

6. The calligraphy is beautiful                                                                     

It’s an undeniable fact: ancestral Arabic calligraphy is incredibly pretty. Whether carved on the walls of historic temples, printed as centuries-old religious scriptures or scribbled in your study notebook as you practice right-to-left writing, it is both engaging and enchanting. .

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