Why is Lorry Crane Popular in Singapore?

Singapore is a progressive country that is becoming a hub of industries. It has a densely built-up area that needs transportation and lifting trucks. There are numerous lifting cranes, but lorry cranes are famous in Singapore. Whether you are shifting or have a construction company, you may need a lorry crane to pick up tons of material/products and travel within the city. You can find lorry cranes of different capacities and build quality. You must hire a lorry crane licensed driver to ensure the safe transportation of your belongings. Wong Fong Academy offers lorry crane courses to make our learners achieve competency. 

What is a Lorry Crane?

Let’s break down the basic definition of a lorry crane to understand its distinctive features. A lorry crane is also known as Crane mounted on Lorries in Singapore. It has a portable crane attached to the truck for easy lifting and carrying loads. These mobile cranes are hydraulically powered. The cab is usually on the front with the crane mounted behind or at the back of the truck. Depending upon the model, it has a loading capacity of 1 ton up to 1000 tons. As the vehicle carries an enormous load, it needs a competent driver with a lorry crane license to safely balance and reaches the destination without any accdient.

Why is Lorry Crane Preferred in Singapore?

Singapore has become a hub of exponential growth and success. It has constantly adapted practices providing optimized features. Due to the lorry crane popularity, people are looking for professional lorry crane courses in Singapore. Let us explore some reasons why the lorry crane is famous in Singapore. 

  1. Perfect For Narrow Roads

Singapore, being a densely populated country, has narrow roads. The government has taken measures to reduce road traffic through COE (Certificate of Entitlement) standard. A lorry crane is an agile and perfect fit for narrow roads. But the driver must be heeded of the safety of transporting the load. Usually, a lorry crane will move slowly with heavyweight loaded on it. Moving slowly and not taking sharp turns is safer, as the crane can lose its balance or hit anything near the vicinity. 

  1. Portable Solution

Safe transportation of loads is a concern. To reduce the bulk, you can disseminate some parts of the lorry crane and reattach them to the desired destination. You can find portable attachment options like a workman basket allowing delicate operations at height. No matter how user-friendly a lorry crane seems, you must take the required lorry crane course to avoid accidents/damage. Wong Fong Academy is a renowned training institute in Singapore providing unmatched practical training for optimized lorry crane usage. 

  1. Unbeatable Features 

It has a long telescopic boom with proprietary technology. The load sensing of the hydraulic system makes the lifting highly accurate and sustainable. It has a strong lifting capacity and provides reasonable flow control. The multi-mode power option helps in reduced power consumption. Newer models are designed to be lighter lorry cranes with maximized loading capacity. Stability is a concern among transportation and loading trucks. They are motion steady with real lifting power. The outrigger span is more comprehensive, with an ergonomic design to enhance stability. 

  1. Cheaper Alternative to Actual Cranes

We all look for the cheapest option with the maximum advantages. A lorry crane is a perfect fit when it comes to affordability. Traditional cranes are must costly compared to a lorry cranes. You must lay a foundation on the worksite for a conventional crane, like installing supporting pads. It can be time-consuming and grueling. 

A lorry crane is easy to operate and requires little to no additional work. They are known to be cost and time-effective options for loading and transportation jobs. You can find multiple companies providing rental services along with lorry crane licensed drivers. 

  1. Easy to Drive

The dive system is developed keeping in mind user-friendliness. The driving system usually provides instructions, but you must have temperate drives for optimized operations. Singapore is keen on the potential reasons for lorry crane accidents. To reduce the accident rate, adequate measures are taken in response. The Workplace Safety and Health regulations standardized the requirement of passing the Lorry Crane Operator Course (LCOC) and Lorry Crane Operator Competency Test (LCOCT). Wong Fong Academy can train you to become eligible for these tests through its lorry crane course.

We are dedicated to providing unmatched practical training so you can become self-suffiencient for optimized lorry crane operation. 

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