Why is an Indian nursery school the best option for parents?

Early childhood education that emphasises self-directed activity, experiential learning, and group play is known as the Indian nursery school. Tokyo international schools’ Montessori classrooms and highly qualified teachers provide age-appropriate activities to help pupils become competent, informed, and responsible adults.

When learning, students at Edogawa International School make creative decisions, work both individually and collaboratively to explore and learn about the world. reach their full potential.

Tokyo’s Montessori school is a great option for parents for the following reasons:

Emphasises experiential learning

The Montessori educational system used in Tokyo places more of an emphasis on concrete than abstract learning. The kids engage in tasks that instruct them in math, language, culture, and useful life skills. Children are allowed to focus on activities until they are mastered because teachers encourage concentration and discourage peer interruption.

Competent Montessori educators

The Montessori technique has been taught to Montessori instructors, who educate pupils through guided learning in an engaging atmosphere. Children are observed, assisted, and evaluated by teachers as they study in a classroom setting. They create activities and teaching strategies for independent learning that are tailored to the needs of each child. All of the children in the classroom feel secure and appreciated thanks to the safe, orderly environment that Montessori teachers build and uphold.

Ensures Parental Participation

The parents of a child play an equal and significant part in their growth and development, according to Edogawa International School. Montessori schools like the Global Indian International School (GIIS) in Tokyo hold a variety of events and activities like the orientation sessions, meet and greet sessions, one-on-one sessions, parent-teacher meetings, etc. to ensure parent involvement and forge strong relationships with them.

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