What Is the Distinction Between Scrap and Salvage Vehicles?

Do you have an old vehicle you’re unsure what to do with? Are you thinking about scrapping or salvaging the car? It would be beneficial to understand the distinction before contacting any scrap car yard Melbourne removal agency. We can explain the differences and show you how to receive the most money for your old, damaged, or underused car.

Scrap v/s salvage cars

Vehicles classified as junk or scrap are typically no longer roadworthy. In other words, these cars have come to the end of their lives. These cars have been damaged or broken to the point that they have been declared uneconomical to repair. Such unused vehicles can only be recycled for their new metal. The buyer buys such vehicles, sells any valuable parts, drains the fluids, removes the battery and tires, and crushes/shreds the car.

Salvage vehicles will have parts changed to make them roadworthy again. Or will the parts be removed and used to repair other vehicles? Salvage cars are vehicles that are ready to be recycled right away. These cars are frequently in poor condition or have already been dismantled. They frequently require fluid removal and can be promptly crushed and shredded with no component value. These are frequently salvaged vehicles, fire, flood-damaged vehicles, and vehicles implicated in criminal activity.

The fundamental distinction between scrap and salvage is that a salvage car may be restored and then returned to the road. At the same time, a junk car cannot be driven again and must be crushed and sold for parts.

Difference between junkyard v/s scrap yard removal service

Now that you understand the distinction between the two, it’s time to choose. Whether to sell your car to the junkyard or scrap yard Removal Company. Many companies offer such services and provide cash for cars in Adelaide. To have a better understanding of such companies, read the following.

· A scrap yard and a junkyard are similar in that they deal with old, inoperable, or unwanted vehicles. However, they differ in how they process and dispose of the vehicles they receive.

· A scrap yard is a facility that specializes in breaking down vehicles and selling usable parts and scrap metal for recycling. The vehicles are stripped of their usable parts, and the remaining metal is sold to metal recycling companies.

· A junkyard, on the other hand, is a storage facility for old, unused vehicles. The vehicles may be sold for parts, but the focus is not necessarily on recycling or breaking down the vehicles for their scrap metal. Junk yards may also offer sell car for cash melbourne services and sell used auto parts to repair shops or customers.

In short, a scrap yard is specifically designed for recycling and processing vehicles. In contrast, a junkyard primarily serves as a storage facility for unwanted cars and may offer additional services, such as selling used auto parts.

Which has a more significant value: scrap value v/s salvage value

Scrap value and salvage value refer to the estimated value of a vehicle that is no longer used. The scrap value refers to the vehicle’s worth as raw materials for recycling, such as scrap metal. Salvage value, on the other hand, refers to the price of the car for its usable parts and components, which can be sold for reuse.

It is difficult to decide which has a more significant value as it depends on various factors, such as the vehicle’s condition, the demand for its parts, and the current market price for scrap metal. In general, cars in better shape and with valuable features, such as luxury vehicles, may have a higher salvage value, while cars that are heavily damaged or no longer operable may have a higher scrap value. Ultimately, a vehicle’s scrap value and salvage value will vary based on specific circumstances.

Ultimately, the best choice for the seller will be based on the specific condition of the car, the local market for scrap or salvage cars, and their priorities and goals regarding the sale of their car.

What should I choose? Either send a car to a scrap yard or a junkyard

The choice between sending your vehicle to a scrap yard or a junkyard will depend on the condition of your vehicle and your goals for disposing of it. If your car is no longer operational and you’re looking to maximize the value of its parts and scrap metal, a scrap yard is likely your best option. 

If your vehicle is still in good working condition and you’re hoping to sell it for its highest value, there may be better choices than a junkyard. Junk yards may offer to purchase your vehicle, but the focus is more than just maximizing its value for parts or scrap metal. In this case, selling the car privately or trading it at a dealership may result in a higher sale price.

If your goal is to get the vehicle off your property, a junkyard may offer junk car removal services and can take the vehicle off your hands without the need for you to sell it.


In conclusion, the decision to scrap your junk car or salvage it will depend on the condition and value of your vehicle. If your car is no longer operational and you’re looking to maximize its value for parts and scrap metal, a scrap yard is likely your best option. However, if your vehicle is still in good working condition, you can get a higher sale price by selling it privately or trading it at a dealership.

We hope this article has helped you a lot in making a decision. Just look at your vehicle and ask yourself, is it truly a lost cause? Or can it be salvaged and driven in some way with a decent amount of investment? If you need to know whether your vehicle is scrap or salvaged, one of our experienced advisors can help you. Give them a call today, and one of our friendly team members will be in touch.

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