What Is An Americano Coffee And How Is It Made?

In this piece, we’re going to be deconstructing the classic americano for you which might be one of the most popular choices at any coffee shop in lahore. If you’re a coffee lover, this informative piece is going to be right up your alley.

What Is An Americano Coffee?

First things first, let’s understand what an American coffee even is. The coffee is essentially an espresso shot poured over hot water or water over the espresso. This kind of coffee is also known as “caffè Americano.” The name is interesting and we’re going to dive into it but did you know that Americano coffee is the best option when it comes to Dunkin ‘ coffee?

How To Make A Caffè Americano 

You might be thinking that an Americano is a super simple deal. It’s just water and espresso right? However, what you are not considering is that the way they both are poured and the quality of these two very simple ingredients determines how your Americano will taste and whether it will even be good.

The Espresso

The key to a good cup of Americano is a great espresso to start with. There are no espresso beans; instead, espresso is made from the same coffee beans that makes every other drip coffee. The difference comes in when we speak about the roast, the way it is blended and how long or how well you brew it.

So What Is The Process?

You must know that drip coffee is self-explanatory. It is made when the water drips slowly through coffee grounds. However, espresso is made in a different way. To make this one, a small amount of nearly boiling water is put through the finely-ground coffee at a very high level of pressure. So the espresso is thicker, stronger and more dark brown and it is prepared in seconds only.

The Roasting Process

Espresso is mainly a product of dark-roasted beans. This is because they give a stronger taste and are less acidic and also because they create a very thick layer of crema at the top. Want to know how this happens? It’s because the oil in it builds up on the surface. The oil is essentially forced out by the hot water and the steam while making the espresso. This is why one of the hallmark signs of a good espresso is a rich, oily and very thick layer of foam at the top of the cup.

Let’s Talk Blend

The blend is the third most important aspect. Coffee lovers know that Arabica beans give a coffee that’s more pure, sweeter and does not have a harsh taste or a lot of acidity. On the other hand, Robusta beans don’t make a good Espresso because the taste is super harsh and more acidic. It is mainly used by people who want higher caffeine in their system. But, here’s the interesting part, Espresso is a product of both. This is why Espresso has more body and also more caffeine.

However, mixing them is not a hard and fast rule. Many people also make it only from the former beans. What is essential, as we have communicated to you, is the equipment you use and the technique you adopt.

The right espresso machine is the reason why every coffee shop in Lahore nails the espresso but you can also get the dunkin coffee taste at home with the right investment. Perfect the technique so next time you just bring donuts at home to get the ultimate donut and coffee experience at home!

The Quality of Water

We have emphasized this thoroughly, the quality of the water can make or break your coffee. Americano is essentially water and espresso hence, the water quality is even more important here. The two ingredients are layered and not combined which is why if your water isn’t good, your coffee will taste bad.

The opinions on how hot the water should be are also contested. Some coffee connoisseurs say that it should be 185°F while others believe that 200°F makes a better cup. 

How To Make It

You already know they are not mixed but layered so in the layering, what goes first? People are divided over this. People believe that hot water should come on top but others say the opposite because that way you can enjoy the espresso’s crema! This also creates a buffer between you and the scalding water if you got the temperature wrong and the water is too hot.

Methods And Names

There is a special name for when water is added on top of espresso, this is referred to as the “original Americano.” If you do it the other way, then that is called the “Long Black.” Which one is better depends on your own taste, you should experiment with both.

How Much Water And How Much Espresso?

The conventional way of making a Caffè Americano is usually with 1-2 shots of espresso and four to six ounces of water. People keep moving the quantities up and down depending on the size of their cuppa.

If you want a strong espresso use ground beans because the flavor is extracted from them for longer but if you want a less strong flavor go for the long beans from Italian origin. 

Where Did It Come From?

Did you know most people tie the origin of this kind of coffee to World War II? It may have come earlier also because accounts from the 1920s by the author Somerset Maugham suggest characters having an “Americano” but there is no knowledge about whether it was coffee or something else.

However, we’re a sucker for stories and we believe information about this should also be available in a coffee shop in Lahore. The best tale features the invention and naming of caffè Americano during World War II when coffee was used to survive basically. Facts suggest that one soldier went through 32 pounds of coffee annually.

So which one of these tales do you want to associate with and which kind of coffee style suits your own? Make your own Americano and let us know how you like it with the help of this piece.

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