What Is a Gummy Smile and How to Fix It?

A gummy smile can be embarrassing and cause embarrassment. There are many possible causes and solutions. Sometimes, surgery is required. But there are many other options too. 

What is a gummy smile?

The gum smile can be described as a gummy smile. The rubber smile. This simple sentence gives you an idea of a rubber smile. This is what happens when receding teeth.

According to the cosmetic dentist London Ontario specialists, This is a cosmetic defect that can hide functional problems and is in many cases the source of great embarrassment. Harmonious proportions between gums and teeth are a hallmark of a beautiful smile.

People with a gum smile are more likely to hide it or laugh sparingly. Gummy smiles, like all other defects in the mouth, have important consequences for safety and self-esteem.

Another reason to seek a solution is the fact that it can be embarrassing. This requires that the root causes of the problem be identified.

Causes of gum smile

The definition of smiley gum is not intended to describe an aesthetic effect. However, it does reveal why. What is the reason the gums are so prominent and so dominant over the teeth? There are several possible causes.

  • Low amount of dental surface The teeth that protrude from the gum are small and thus less visible than usual;
  • The prominence of the jaw bone;
  • Deep bite: The upper arch’s teeth are more than the lower arch’s, which exposes the gums.
  • Shortening of the upper lip or hyperactive levator muscles when you smile. The lip lifts too far, which exposes the gums.

Gum smile remedies: non-surgical and surgical solutions

There are many options available depending on the cause of your gum smile. Surgery was, in general, the best option, especially when the tooth surface is not exposed.

To the delight of all patients who fear the dentist, even for a routine check-up, surgery is not the only option. Let’s look at the entire range of remedies available for a gummy smile.

Dental surgery: Repositioning the gums and lengthening the clinical crown

Let’s begin with the surgical procedure. The goal is to move the gum tissue further back than its current position.

This can be achieved by removing a portion of the gum and sometimes the bone supporting the teeth. This allows us to increase the visible tooth surface while reducing the gingival one.

Invisalign can also help to fix the gummy smile. So if you are in Canada you may want to know how much is Invisalign in Ontario costs.

Orthodontics – Intruding the Teeth

An orthodontist can also help with a gum smile. The teeth don’t need to be intruded upon, that is, to cause them to move back towards their bone. They will follow the teeth and “shorten” accordingly.


Botox can be used to treat a problem caused by overactivity in the muscles that lift the upper lips. And botox, a widely-used cosmetic surgery treatment, is injected under the upper lip. It relaxes the muscles and causes the upper lip to drop, allowing it to cover the gums better.

However, the solution is temporary and uncertain due to the nature of the substance.

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