What are the Symptoms of Bone Marrow Disease?

Bone marrow cancer occurs due to the abnormal growth of the cells in the marrow. This type of cancer begins in the marrow, also known as blood cancer. Besides that, bone marrow cancer is different from bone cancer.

However, several other types of cancer spread to the bone marrow and bones but do not classify as Bone Marrow Cancer. Go through this post to learn more about this kind of cancer, its symptoms, causes, and various crucial aspects.

Bone Marrow Cancer: The Symptoms

The symptoms or signs will depend on the type of cancer. Under this section, you will learn about the symptoms of different types of Bone Marrow Cancer.

Multiple Myeloma

● Fatigue, weakness, or anaemia because of fewer RBCs [red blood cells]

● Infections or leukopenia because of fewer WBCs [white blood cells]

● Dehydration

● Extreme thirst

● Frequent Urination

● Bruising and bleeding or Thrombocytopenia [because of low blood platelets]

● Confusion because of Hypercalcemia.

● Abdominal Pain

● Drowsiness

● Weakened Bones or Bone Pain

● Loss of Appetite

● Tingling or Peripheral Neuropathy [because of nerve Damage]

● Kidney Failure or Kidney Damage


● Spleen or Enlarged liver

● Severe or frequent infection

● Chills and fever

● Fatigue and Weakness

● Unexplained weight loss

● Bleeding or bruising easily, including frequent nosebleeds

● Swollen lymph nodes

● Excessive Sweating

● Bone Pain

● Night Sweats

● Petechiae


● Itching or rash

● Chills and fever

● Lower back or chest pain

● Low energy

● Swollen lymph nodes

● Unexplained weight loss

● Swelling in the groin, underarm, leg, neck, or arm

● Tingling, nerve pain, and numbness

● Night sweats

● The feeling of fullness in the stomach

The Different Kinds of Bone Marrow Cancer

There are three types of bone marrow cancers. You already know about their symptoms so let’s learn about them in detail.

1. Lymphoma

Lymphoma occurs when the cells or the lymphocytes grow abnormally, forming tumours. It affects the functioning of the immune system, making the body vulnerable to more diseases. It has two types: Non-Hodgkin’sand Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, also called Hodgkin’s disease, begins within B lymphocytes. Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma begins in T or B Lymphocytes.

2. Multiple Myeloma

This type of Bone Marrow Cancer begins within the plasma cells. These are the white blood cells, or WBCs, which are the antibodies to protect the human body from all foreign invaders. Tumours are formed when the human body produces many more plasma cells. This can lessen the ability to fight off all infections and cause bone loss.

3. Leukaemia

Leukaemia occurs when the human body abnormally produces blood cells that do not die off as they should. As the numbers keep growing, they swarm platelets, RBCs [red blood cells], and WBCs [white blood cells]. They interfere with the functioning ability of these platelets and cells.

Acute leukaemia occurs due to immature blood cells known as blasts; its symptoms candevelopquickly. Chronic leukaemia, on the other hand, occurs because of mature blood cells.

At first, the symptoms of this type of leukaemia can be pretty mild. There are chances that people would be aware of its existence in their bodies. There are several types of leukaemia, and they are:

● Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia [Affects adults]

● Acute Myeloid Leukaemia [Affects both adults and children]

● Acute Lymphocytic Leukaemia [Affects adults and children]

● Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia [Affects adults]

The Causes of Bone Marrow Cancer

However, the defining reasons are not yet known for causing bone marrow cancer, but the following factors might play a major role:

● Family history of Bone Marrow Cancer or genetic conditions

● Exposure to toxic chemicals found in agriculture products, fuels, cleaning products, solvents, and engine exhaust

● Viruses, such as Retroviruses, HIV, Herpes Viruses, and Hepatitis

● Exposure to the atomic radiation

● Smoking

● Radiation Therapy or Past Chemotherapy

● Plasma Disorder or Suppressed Immune System

Bone Marrow Cancer: Treatment Options

The treatment options for Bone Marrow Cancer can differ from one individual to another. It’s based on the stage and type of cancer during diagnosis and other health conditions. The treatment options are:

● Chemotherapy: This treatment is pretty systemic and is designed to locate and destroy all the cancer cells in the human body. The physician will prescribe you a drug or a combination of drugs based on the type of cancer.

● Biology Therapy: This treatment utilises the immune system to kill all cancer cells.

● Radiation Therapy: Through radiation therapy, high-energy beams are released to a specific area to destroy or kill all cancer cells. The therapy can also ease the pain and lessen the tumour size greatly.

One Last Thought

The diagnosis of Bone Marrow Cancer brings a mess of questions to your mind. You might need clarification regarding what should be your next step. In this condition, you can speak with the Doctors from Max Hospitals, who are experts in dealing with Bone Marrow Cancer. They can help you with personalised suggestions and the best possible treatment options.

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