What Are The Major Challenges Faced By iOS Developers?

Huge changes have occurred in the mobile industry and OS systems since June 2007, when Apple first seized the spotlight. Our work habits have been fundamentally changed by the iPhone. Apple always introduces something new every year, coinciding with the development of technology and the boom in the IT industry.

We can plainly see that the iPhone has significantly changed the way that gadget lovers live. Apple consistently updates and makes available new versions for its users. Considering the difficulties faced by iOS developers while concentrating on current developments is therefore crucial.

App compatibility

At first look, it appears like Apple makes it much easier for app developers to deal with compatibility issues than Android OS does. However, this is only an illusion that duped many developers because you must first determine which specific versions the iOS application would support.

You already know that implementing the newer versions will increase the number of users using the system.

Each iOS application needs to fit on the iPad or iPod without taking up too much space. The actual challenge for developers is to pick among a variety of Apple devices. To find problems, it is preferable to test the application.

Getting approval from Apps store

One thing you should be aware of before releasing an app on the App Store is that the App Store has requirements that your app must meet in order to be uploaded. There are a lot of reasons why you should be aware of the policies that the Apple Store has in place.

You cannot immediately publish an app on the App Store after it has been created. It is crucial for you to receive clearance from the App Store and to strive to eliminate any potential rejection factors.

The developer will not only benefit from saving time, but also support with various investment challenges.

Challenge of battery consumption

Customers dislike applications that drain their batteries too quickly. When mobile app developers include too many taxing features in their applications that extensively deplete the battery, a problem occurs. iOS developers accede to the wishes of app owners as a last resort.

Developers must offer a battery-friendly application for users to maintain the device’s battery power for a sizable length of time.

Optimize the performance of the apps to ensure the least amount of energy usage on other devices.

Beta testing

Even though it is one of the finest ways to test an app before it is published on the Apple App store, the majority of iOS developers still opt to ignore it.

Before launching an iOS application on the App Store, developers can use the TestFlight app to invite beta testers. Users of beta versions can examine the operation of an application and spot any flaws in its architecture.

In this method, app developers can correct or get rid of errors in addition to receiving valuable feedback.

Poor network conditions

There is a possibility that your user is using a slower connection and isn’t taking advantage of the same network speed as you. This point is important for app developers who are implementing some rich media or video play features that use the internet but not for other app developers. For a concept of stimulating, you must pass the test administered by Network Link conditioners.

UX design

Trends in both fashion and design are changing extremely fast. By focusing on your audience when creating the app’s user interface. You had to deal with a variety of design styles, including flat, anthropomorphic, and material design.

App security

App security must be ensured when creating iPhone applications. The primary duty for ensuring that data encryption is used to protect data from hackers and other vulnerabilities lies with the iOS developers. Developers can use high-tech security layers to guard against data breaches. Although fairly difficult, the work is doable.


These are some of the most difficult problems an iOS app developer deals with on a daily basis. However, they must still use their technical expertise to uncover the answers and be completely up to date with the most recent developments in the app development industry.

If you’re considering creating an iOS app for your organisation, using the help of a professional mobile app development company will be advantageous for you. Don’t seek elsewhere if you’re unsure where to look.

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