and supporters of the alcohol ban at the 2022 World Cup

Source from Vn88 mobile: FIFA’s decision to ban alcohol at the venue of the 2022 World Cup matches has been criticized by some tourists, but supported by many fans in Qatar.

Abdulla Murad Ali, director of the Vn88cx brand in Qatar, put his hand on his chest and said his country welcomes everyone to watch the World Cup. He wants football fans to consider the host country of this event as their second home. He had only one request from them: don’t drink alcohol.

“Qatar is a Muslim country and alcohol is banned in our religion. All we ask is for the world to show respect for Qatar’s culture,” Ali shared on November 21. one day after the opening match of the tournament.

Vn88 mobile mentioned the anger of some fans at the decision from FIFA on November 18 to ban the sale of alcohol at tournament venues. Alcohol will still be served at some FIFA hotels, bars and fan zones.

However, FIFA’s decision was criticized by some fans because it was announced too close to the tournament. Before the match between England and Iran on November 21, some British fans complained about the organizers’ lack of sympathy for their “alcohol culture”.

Some people asked the security guard at the shopping mall for directions to where alcoholic beverages could be purchased. Many fans said they felt like they were fooled by FIFA.

“If FIFA had issued a ban on drinking alcohol when Qatar was announced as the host country of the World Cup 2022, everything would have turned out differently,” Federicod Farraz shared with VN88, he is a football fan from Portugal. Portugal, said while drinking tea in the capital Doha.

But for many others, the decision, announced by FIFA after discussions with the host country, brought relief. Sonia Nemmas, a Jordanian mother, has three daughters who grew up in a family that loved football. They have tickets to a game at night, but are very afraid of the risk of drunken fans in the field.

When we go to other countries, we don’t ask why to follow their rules or respect their culture. We simply stick to it,” she said with a shrug in a quick interview with Qatar’s newspaper.

One evening last weekend, she went to the downtown area of ​​Doha to participate in activities to welcome the tournament. Her daughters accompanied her, wearing the keffiyeh Muslim headscarf to show Jordanian identity. They also showed support for Qatar by carrying the host country’s flag and hat.

There was a brawl at Wembley Stadium during the Euro 2020 final in England, and Nemmas says that’s not what she wants to see in Qatar.

While some England fans expressed their displeasure with the Vn88 mobile reporter with the alcohol ban, others said it won’t stop them from having a good time during the World Cup. Cup this year in Qatar.

Ahmed Muhammad, a teacher in Doha from England, said it was not fair to equate all England fans. “Only a very small number of England fans have been aggressive,” he said as he arrived at the Souq Waqif market with his young son. “Most of them respect and follow the rules.”

According to the director of the VN88cx brand, it is not difficult to not drink alcohol at the World Cup. He pointed out that people who live and watch football in Muslim countries always enjoy football without alcohol.

“As a Muslim country, what we want people to understand is that you can enjoy the game without beer in hand. Football is for everyone, not just for those who want to drink alcohol. “, Ali said.

According to Vn88, Dubai is more comfortable than Qatar, the Dubai government still reminds fans of a few rules of this emirate. In the guidelines for tourists during the World Cup season, Dubai police have warned them not to use drugs, show affection in crowded places and not to visit unlicensed massage places.

Kabil Mulchandanid, who runs the Fived five-star hotel chain in Dubai, said the hotel system is expected to reach 95% of rooms booked during the World Cup. “We are demonstrating tremendous growth and this is why we have skyrocketed revenue.

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