Vitrified ceramic tiles price and why consider them for your home?

Many people prefer to use tiles for their walls or floor coverings. Tiles although costly when compared to normal flooring material are visually beautiful and enhance the home’s overall value. They are mostly made from quartz, silica, clay or ceramic. Ceramic-based ones are known to have less void space percentage in the rock. It also forms an excellent alternative to marble and granite flooring. It can be a great option for your outdoors as it offers frost and water resistance.

Reasons for selecting such tiles

They do make amazing options for all types of flooring like wet zones, outdoors and indoors. They are created to serve for a long time without experiencing chipping or cracking even in high traffic areas. Purest material such as quartz, silica, feldspar and clay or good quality ceramic is used in its construction. Advanced technology such as hydraulic pressing is used in its creation. They can be set within 48 hours and also easy to install.  Also, you don’t have to bother about stains, waterlogging, etc.

Its properties

Besides checking out vitrified ceramic tiles price, you also need to be aware of its properties before considering them for your house flooring. Such tiles are non-porous and durable. They are designed to absorb less water. This way, you can be assured of having a damp-free flooring at all times. Due to their high water resistance capacity, they do make excellent selection for wet places such as the bathroom and kitchen.

Other vital properties to consider

Besides the above features, vitrified tiles are also found to be heat resistant. Thus, you can expect their colours to stay for a long time. Its low porosity ensures they are easy to clean and stain resistant. Since it absorbs a low amount of water they come with frost resistance. They do not allow bacteria or fungi growth. Hence, families with children and pets do find it a wise selection for their flooring and walls.

Why it is popular?

These days, such flooring tiles are gaining immense popularity among home owners and commercial owners alike. This is because it is designed to withstand very high traffic while being durable. It is also affordable, requires low maintenance and is resistant to scratches and stains. Thus, you can forget it for a long time after its installation. There are lots o patterns and designs available in the market. You may go through them and find out what matches your preferences and existing decor.


Before starting your shopping, do remember to check technical specifications to ensure getting the selection right. Such tiles are created to be dense and non-porous. By tile weight, they absorb just 0.1% of water, thus making them more durable and stronger. Do check its thickness that needs to be around 8mm or more. If you feel confused, you can always take help of the professionals to guide you to make the right selection. A wise choice will ensure deriving value worth the investment.


The right size can rather be determined by considering for which room you plan to buy and install the tiles. Living room will need large sized tiles to make it appear more spacious since there will be visible fewer joint lines. Bedrooms are small and compact. Hence, choose small sized tiles. You can find such tiles in various sizes like 1000x1000mm, 800x800mm and 600x600mm, etc. Also measure the room to find out the number of tiles that it will fit.

Colours and patterns

You can easily come across different patterns and colours in both offline and online market. There are easily available a variety of two-tone colour, printed, plain coloured tiles to choose from. Whatever you choose should sync and contrast perfectly with the room where you plan to install them. Light coloured tiles will be a wise selection to provide the home or room with a more spacious look. Printed vitrified tiles tend to replicate marble’s natural grain. Hence, if you prefer marbles, then select this type.

Tile quantity

How many tiles do you require to be installed in your different rooms? This is a vital factor you need to consider at the time of shopping. Remember, you may not find the same type of prints or patterns always. In such a case buying less will only mean your room design will be incomplete or haphazard looking. To avoid this issue, always buy 5 to 10 percent extra. This will prove to be valuable if there arises wastage during the installation procedure.

What else to know before laying such flooring tiles?

Perfect planning will be desired to enjoy that perfect flooring. The same goes for vitrified ceramic tiles. Certain things should be taken into consideration. First sketch a layout. Make sure that the space appears symmetrical and well-balanced. While preparing the layout, consider floor obstructions. Right floor height is desired since tiles when installed are likely to increase floor height by an inch.

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