Virtual number for Tinder

You don’t need anyone to know you’re on Tinder if all you want is to find love. For some reason, that is typically the sentiment that is expressed simultaneously with “I don’t want to put my phone number on Tinder.” Even though nearly everyone has a profile there, there are several drawbacks to using this dating app, including infidelity and embarrassment. Today, we will discuss creating a Tinder profile without providing your phone number. You can choose not to disclose your actual phone number.

If you’re reading this, you undoubtedly already know that your phone number is required to add a new profile to the Tinder app. It is still required even if you register with a Google or Facebook account. Avoiding creating phony profiles and connecting accounts to phones is an essential security practice. An SMS with a code will be given to you if you misplace the terminal or need to access your profile on another device securely. As a result, nobody else can access your profile.

Also, remember that Tinder does not perform any other activity with the information associated with your phone number. You can hide your profile from other users matched with this phone. Thanks to the phone numbers, none of them will know you are not related to them and won’t be able to find you on Tinder. Therefore, using your phone number on Tinder is secure and confidential. You should still take this action if you still want to avoid it.

How to use Tinder without my

phone number

You need a phone number to sign up for Tinder. How can I use Tinder without a phone number? The secret is using a different phone number. Additionally, you don’t have to use sneaky strategies, like purchasing a prepaid card or registering a new line with your operator. A virtual phone number is only required to get the confirmation and security code.

On our website,, virtual phone numbers are resources that may be utilized for various tasks. Without registering with an operator or entering your data, you should use this phone as though it were your own. Leave after using it. Naturally, a lot of virtual number providers require payment.

Tinder Temp Number

One choice is a website like hottelecom. Pick a number from

the ones in the previous list. The number must be copied and supplied to complete the Tinder registration procedure. To verify any incoming

Tinder SMS and the code mentioned above; go back to the softphone website

whenever you need the confirmation code. Enter the SMS verification code you

just received to finish creating your Tinder account.

If everything goes as planned, you’ll be able to get the virtual number necessary to create a Tinder account. You are allowed to use Tinder as usual at this point. These numbers are only accessible online for a short time, so don’t forget to restore the account. You can also encounter an error if another user has already used the process.

It would help if you didn’t get too attached because it’s only a backup Tinder profile. In the end, Tinder reserves the right to immediately ban your account if it discovers any abnormalities because you are not abiding by the terms and conditions of use.

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