How To Plan A Trip To Yasin Valley Ghizer Gilgit Baltistan

Yasin Valley runs north-West from the Gupis Junction of Gilgit city until Shandur road.Entering Yasin Valley. Two rivers form Phander and Yasin valleys meeting.

Information on Ghizer

Ghizer District includes

  • Ghizer Valley
  • Shandur,
  • Gahkuch,
  • Gupis,
  • Yasin,
  • Ishkomen and
  • Puniyal

For the moment, I’ll only cover the transport aspects for Yasin Valley in the Ghizer District.

Yasin Valley MapRoad leading to Yasin Valley from Islamabad

History of Yasin Valley

Because the valley is almost an end-all-is-all near an inaccessible point at the Tajikistan as well as Afghanistan frontier, not many people have the courage to cross the high-altitude passes at 13000 feet.

These plains in Yasin Valley are thought to be battlefields for the armies of the past who fought for this important route to central Asia.

The colonial British encouraged infighting between the different royals of Chitral over the valley. They and sent Dogra armies to seize the valley and then seized the valley in full.

Because Yasin is home to so many mountain passes which connect to Chitral This is therefore, not an accident that Chitral’s Mehtar Chitral was able to manage the whole of Yasin Valley through force.Burial place of the older people, Yasin valley

Various Mountain Passes of Yasin Valley

  • Darkut Pass at 4267 meters connects Yasin with Wakhan Corridor and Chitral
  • Broghil Pass at 3798m is the point where Broghil Pass connects Yasin with Broghil and continues on to Wakhan
  • Thoi Pass at 4690 meters connects Yasin to Yarkhun Chitral
  • Assumber Pass links Yasin to Ishkomen
  • Additionally, Attar Pass at 4700 meters connects Darkot Village to Ishkoman too
  • The mountain is 5000m high. Passes that originate from Nazbar city in Yasin connect to Mastuj Chitral onwards to Broghil

Lalak Jan Shaheed at Hunder

Road Conditions starting from Islamabad up to Yasin Valley

This road had been in poor state prior to that however, it’s not the case anymore. Thanks to the sacrifices that was made by Lalak Jan Shaheed Nishan e Haidar the government constructed a brand new single-track road through the town of Hundur within the Valley.

The last hour all the way to Darkot is currently being repaired.

Distance and duration in Gilgit from Gilgit to Yasin Valley

It takes four hours between Gilgit to Yasin which is about 150km.Bridge To Yasin Valley

The bridge that crosses the Gilgit River to Yasin Valley

There is just one major bridge crossing this section of river. This bridge was built recently through the Chinese. The bridge was constructed by the British Colonials in 1925.

In between, Pakistanis have been chilling and waiting for the divine assistance.Yasin Khas , main Village

Distance and duration between Islamabad to Gilgit

It takes about 12 hours of traveling to Islamabad towards Gilgit via Gilgit over the Babusar Pass which is a total of 512 km. It is that, if you depart Islamabad around 3:30 am to avoid any unnecessary delays in the cities and towns that are located in Balakot as well as Mansehra.

Distance and duration to travel from Islamabad from Yasin Valley

It isn’t possible in driving between Islamabad towards Yasin town in Yasin Valley because the distance is 650km and it takes 16 hours to travel there.

It’s nearly impossible to drive for 16 hours with no interruption.

The alternative route through Besham is too rough and takes it takes at minimum 15 hours of driving time are required to travel from Islamabad towards Gilgit.
It can be extremely cold.

Weather at Yasin Valley

It also gets very cold quickly.

The weather in Yasin Valley stays below 30 to 0 Celsius throughout the year even during the peak summer season from May to October. The temperature can drop to 15 (0) Celsius in the event of rain, therefore jackets and warm clothes are essential.

In October, the temperature dips around 10 Celsius and it becomes uncomfortable because you require a lot of fuel and firewood to stay warm.

Make sure you check the weather before departing for Gilgit because even during the summer months, the snow can hinder the road for a few days.Local old lady from Yasin

Stay the night at Gilgit

The first night we stayed in the Douryo Inn Gilgit which was spacious and cheap. There was hot water, and food that was clean.

The following day, we drove eastwards out of Gilgit City to Yasin town of Yasin Valley.

When we reached the larger-sized bridge, with load members that were painted with yellow (near Gupis), we went straight towards the valley.

Trout Fish at Yasin Valley

The first place we stopped was a fresh fry of trout that we purchased from The Rocks as well as the River Trout farm . As there were only a few spices in the dish the fish was delicious.

The temperature got colder after a couple of hours of fog and we needed to take off our parkas, jackets, and caps.

I was informed that a few days of rain could result in snow falling near the valley’s floor So, pack your winter equipment, in case of emergency.View from Bojayote Point

Bojayote View Point Yasin Valley

Then, we went to the Bojayote Viewpoint of Yasin town. After getting to the viewpoint, through endless streams of freshwater and farmlands, we had an incredible view of the Yasin Valley that curves to the East, with a river flowing through the.

Rajas from the past are believed to have had an ongoing presence to supervise the Valley and any visitors who passed through.

Tukhumrezi Festival house Yasin Valley

We then visited Shiri Badad Raja’s palace that has been preserved in its original condition.

The story behind this house is that this raja acquired an addiction to eating children because the infant goats he was eating prior to being fed with women’s milk.

The ravages of the Raja became too much for the people of the area They gathered one night in summer, lit their blazes, and burned the vile raja.

Everyone is celebrating this event to mark the beginning of spring with a celebration called Tukhumrezi Festival

There are marks of bullets on the wooden the throne, which was shot by a musket which was fired by the Dogra Army gun to subdue the members of the Raja Gohar Aman in the rebellion from 1842 to 1863, a rebellion against British rule.Ruins of Muduri Fort

Forts of Yasin Valley


The next stop we made was the Muduri Fort, where the massacre carried out by Dogra forces occurred in 1863. In 1863, 16 women from Yasin valley were compelled to be removed from the Dogra Army as punishment for rebelling people.

The Hindu Dogra army had the support from British rulers.

The ruin of Muduri fort were built upon a large piece of rock that was about 500 feet in height, which juts out away from the riverbed below.

The fort was not accessible from the fort from either the rear or the front.

The fort was nearly inaccessible for the forces under siege were able to get their food and water from mountain streams and farm land within the fort.

The Dogra commander employed the Trojan method and disguised himself as local militia, putting an herb native to Yasin on his entire army. The guards at the gates allowed the formation in, and later they massacred the entire group and destroyed the fortress.Seven lakes to trek


A trek that begins at Mudoori Fort goes to Makuli meadows, and then passes through seven blue-water lakes.Yasin Fort


Then we walked down from Mudoru fort and made a stop for a break at Yasin Fort which is still under construction.Take a look from the back side.


Another stop to make was Chumarkhan fort which literally translated to Iron fort. It was so difficult to access that the administration of the fort needed to bring water from one of the two shaky peak.

Polo Match in Yasin Valley

Returning in Yasin Town, we saw the polo game with two teams from the local area. It was a game to determine the top squad for Annual Shandur Festival scheduled in the beginning of July each year.

The brutal game, played with no helmets or guards it was a chance for an accident to occur. It’s not surprising that each polo player I encountered had broken limbs and numerous stitching on their foreheads.

Tomb of the Dead at Yasin Valley, Ghizer

Then , there are two tombs for the deceased in Yasin The one is damaged, and the other remaining intact.

In the past people of the area would embalm their deceased in a circular arrangement inside tombs that could have multiple floors and, at times, would rise in a tower-like fashion.

The bodies of the deceased children would be stacked up on shelves.

One story of someone that was among the very first person to open a tomb like this says that the deceased had enormous bone structures, and their teeth were as clear as pearls.

They sat comfortably and looking at one another.

I’d like to see the government allow archeologists to examine these tombs from the past and learn about the customs of the long-gone inhabitants of this remote community in the north.View of the village

Hotel of Yasin Valley

In the event that this was not enough for a single day, we sat and regenerated on The Fort Hotel Yasin, run by the Colonel who was well-informed, who appeared younger than I did despite his age.

This is how a serene setting, clean eating, and a good group of people can do to help you age.Darkot village in the distance

Land costs in Ghizer

The next question I had was how much is the cost of land here in the country, and they replied that it’s around 20 lakhs per Kanal.

Each blade has been utilized in these small communities.

The medicinal herbs of Yasin Valley

The flower known as the Kahveer which is believed to have medicinal properties for males and their masculinity.

Fruit Farms of Yasin Valley

We visited the property of a good friend’s Cherry farm to eat to our hearts’ content.

I had no idea that the red cherries weren’t at very top of list but it’s the bright red cherries that are sought-after.Very old, twisted Apricot tree

Weapons Arsenal

Since the locals are descendents of warriors, each family has a variety of modern firearms to show off. There’s anything from old firearms to sniper rifles and the AK-47 – all you have to do is inquire.Hiking in the direction of glaciers

Darkot Village

After a delicious breakfast at the beginning of the day We set off towards the top of Yasin Valley, a village named Darkot and pronounced “Darkut”. Darkot refers to “the Fort of Passes”.

Darkot is the village that remains in the valley.View of the village from Darkot village

Passes of Darkot Village

  • Pass to Afghanistan
  • Pass to Ishkoman
  • Pass to Tajikistan

Large collection of Old Things in the Barosho home

Barosho Antique house

The Barosho House is a traditional house for tourists believed to be over 600 years old. It was filled with everything from traditional instruments, weapons, saucepans and pots.megaliths

Barandaas megaliths

Moving further to Barandaas Sangam point is the old Shamashan Ghat (cremation grounds) in the time when this region was Hindu.

The megaliths are set in the form of the funeral pyre.

Hindus resided in this area before Buddhists entered the area around the 1 1st century AD.Camel Shaped Stone


There is evidence that is tangible of Hindu worship here , mainly from the upper castes. They are traditional Hindu symbols, such as the swastika or a cross enclosed in a circular made of rocks deep within the valleys that comprise Yasin.


A resident from the Brandaas region told me that the Caucasian lady was at the grave site on a single day in the year 2018 with electronic devices and was looking for something along the ridge that is directly over the cremation grounds of the past.

The person who told me this told me she did discover something as she was excited, but she did not let the local porter approach to look.House of man-eater


There’s also the legend of the man-eater which the saint of the town from Badakhshan defeated here. The beast was dubbed Mirza Katchat.

It was 2.5 hours to travel to Yasin town Darkot on bumpy roads.waterfalls in Darkot

Waterfalls of Darkot

The valley is often referred to as”the valley with waterfalls” since the path to Darkot is alive when it rains. It is filled with enormous 300-foot waterfalls which cascade down both sides.

Sometimes , I could not determine which direction I should be looking in as the entire path was so beautiful.Darkot Village ( Farangi)

Firangi Killed at Darkot

Following my injury to my kidneys, which I had incurred on the rough road, we did manage to make it to what is known as the “firangi” areas within Darkot village. The area was the place where British colonial agent John Hayward was murdered in the year 1860 by local Raja’s henchmen, who had been having spied against Britain at Russia.

Some believe that they believe that the Dogra leaders of Kashmir executed him because he exposed their atrocities against the Yasini people, and in particular the murder of Mudoori

In addition, the valley in which Britain was killed connects to a different heaven Ishkoman.Glacier along with the lake

Gamobar Glacier of Darkot

Darkot is home to the Glacier which is awe-inspiring with its massive glaciers, lakes and streams.

The location is so beautiful and remote that you don’t see anyone out in the open, other than the cattle who are roaming around the communal pastures.

Khaltar High Altitude Lake of Darkot

There is a lake at high altitude situated on the summit of a dangerous mountain in Darkot known as the Khaltar. I did not go there since I’m scared and I don’t want my life to be lost in order to look at another pasture.

However, I’ve heard that the grass looks like carpet, and that the flowers only bloom for a couple of weeks each year. Lakes are as transparent as glass.

I decided to turn back to this point since the road was closed here.

The road is made of metal and very well made to Umalsat

In Darkot I returned to Gilgit in just 4 hours, and stayed there for the night.

In the next day’s morning I learned that the two roads that lead from Gilgit towards Islamabad were closed.

The Babusar road was opened at 11 am, in the morning and I was among the first to make it towards Islamabad.

I blew up my radial all-terrain tires when I was cutting through a stony road. the cost of inspection for my 4×4 has now surpassed 170,000 rupees.View from the top of Muduri Fort

Expenditure of Yasin Valley Trip

The total cost is as follows:

  • Diesel Islamabad to Darkot, Yasin Valley, and back at Rs 45000
  • Accommodation at Gilgit Rs 8000 + 8000
  • Accommodation at Yasin Rs 7000
  • Food Rs 5000
  • The most important purchases are Rs 4000 (Salajeet Honey, Salajeet Apricot items, Tomoru herbal tea)
  • Water Rs 1500
  • SCOM mobile SIM Rs . 1000 (only SCOM is available here Get one from Gilgit)
  • Total of Rs 78000 for a 4-day trip

Frequently Asked Questions on Yasin


You can drive there, or rent the 4×4. A car won’t take your up to the glacier.


From May to September is the best time to visit Yasin.


 Yasin is a more modern name which is derived from Arabic alphabet Ya and Sin in reference to the Prophet Muhammad himself within the Quran.

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