Trainee Solicitors and Law Students – Things to Be Aware of in 2022

What do trainee solicitors do? Do they attend law school? What are their primary duties? These are common inquiries that candidates for a training contract for a lawyer have in sight. The job a trainee solicitor conducts largely depends on their practice group, the kind of contracts or issues they are dealing with, and how active the department is.

To better comprehend what trainee solicitors do both as trainees and after, this guide provides a thorough description of what obligations law students must perform as trainee solicitors.

Trainee Solicitors: Who Are They?

A trainee solicitor is a person who has a two-year training agreement in a law office or in-house supervisory board and is in the process of becoming a solicitor.

The sort of company a trainee trains at, the seating they take, the number of trainees and supporting workers employed at the company, and other factors all affect the job a trainee does.

For example, at a firm without paralegals or legal assistants, they would be required to perform more administrative duties. In contrast side, a corporation with a relatively small trainee inflow can ask a trainee to perform a lot more legal research.

However, before beginning a one-year Diploma in Law Practice, the student must earn a bachelor’s degree in law or pass the Law Society tests to become a trainee solicitor.

Training Contract: What Is It?

A training contract often referred to as the term authorized training, is an opportunity for aspiring attorneys to put their theoretical knowledge into practice.

You’ll complete multiple “seats,” which are typically six-month assignments in four various areas. Additionally, there is the chance for customer work placements, which entails taking a single seat with a client of your business. By taking responsibility for your projects, you can increase your confidence while also having the opportunity to network and learn about the needs of the client.

Additionally, you must complete the required Professional Skills Program to fulfill the terms of your training contract. It has three essential modules:

  • Competencies in business and finance
  • Strengths in communication and advocacy
  • Customer service and ethical principles

Responsibilities of Law Students When Working As Trainee Solicitors

Ø  Law Research

Just as law thesis topics require a great amount of research from law students. Similarly, in a law firm, this commonly happens when a customer query or an odd technological issue surfaces during an operation. It can be essential to read legal precedents, statutes, European law, administrative directives, or technical notes. The findings of this study will have a direct impact on how the team answers the query or deals with the problem.

Ø  Trial Bundles Preparation

Despite not being the most enjoyable activity, making trial bindles is very important. Once you’ve witnessed the judge chastise counsel for an improperly placed page, it’s much easier to focus. This duty necessitates professionalism and great communication because you must always ensure that everyone has access to the most updated list and review the contents of the bundles with the opposing side.

Ø  Preparing Petitions

It’s all paws on board because there will always be a lot of work and enthusiasm before a court deadline. It is common for a trainee to compose the initial draught of the complete court file or certain parts of it. This necessitates a specific style of persuasive writing that incorporates references and legal grounds. A major motivator for thoroughly grasping the details and considerations of your case from the beginning is the notion that you will receive the opportunity to lead if you have demonstrated that you have it under control.

Ø  Fact-Checking

It should be obvious stating that if you can’t even get the minor things right, nobody can trust you to get the big things right whenever they count. It is untrue to believe that reviewing is a dull task. Understanding how the documents work and what they do in the setting of a case or transaction is crucial. This necessitates focused purposeful reading. If at all feasible, always try to examine with a refreshing perspective.

3 Qualities Recruiters Seek In Lawyers When Hiring Candidates for Trainee Solicitor Positions In 2022

Ø  Purpose

All recruiters are seeking candidates who are committed to a vocation in law. They want to know that you have taken the necessary efforts to ensure that this is the best career route for you and that your choices are grounded in reality rather than irrationality.

Ø  The Aptitude for Teamwork

The ability to collaborate with others is vital for successful lawyers. Earning a training contract requires showcasing your capacity as a collective player. Whether you were the assistant of your university’s law society, a member of the varsity sports franchise, or worked on a group assignment for your degree, you should use instances from these experiences to demonstrate your ability to work together effectively and contribute to a team during the interview process.

Ø  Strong Communication Skills

A successful lawyer must have strong written and verbal skills in communication. The capacity to alter one’s speaking style is essential because trainees would anticipate daily conversations with a wide variety of coworkers and clients over the call, in person, or via email.

They will learn from a variety of instructors on a broad range of subjects, so their capacity for active listening, as well as their capacity for deciphering and condensing vast amounts of significant issues, is essential to their success. As they advance in their careers and assume more managerial responsibilities, they are expected to acquire these skill sets.

Final Words

You are probably now aware of how challenging it is to obtain a training contract. The trainee solicitor program is challenging, thus this is fair for good cause. You are required to consistently contribute a significant amount of work, handle competing demands, be attentive at all times, become competent in several practice areas, astonish your managers, and be concerned about turnover. If you’re seeking a significant challenge at work, the law could be the solution.

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