Top Website Development Company in Dubai

Code Guru have built, created and maintained and developed our UI/YX website including design, publishing, web programming, and database management. They have well-developed the simplest text-only page to the most complex web-based applications, as well as e-business and social media networks. 

After developing our website, our business grew, we attracted more people to our products, and created an awareness for our name and reputation. Our website allowed us to communicate with our customers 24/7 anytime and anywhere in the world and to provide potential customers with all the information needed which led to increase in productivity and profit. 

Our company’s credibility increased after allowing our customers to express their opinions about the quality of the products and answer all their questions. From a financial point of view, offering products or services through a website is less expensive than resorting to traditional marketing and printing ads, not to mention that it is possible to renew the content of the site in a short time and at a negligible cost instead of paying new costs to re-set up and update the content of the ads.

The web development process is divided into front-end development (which the user sees and interacts with), and back-end infrastructures (the input of location information to the server).

Cody Guru created a Full Stack website which requires a good understanding of the programming strategies and processes of both the client and server side, i.e. it is the responsibility of developing the entire website alone, and this has many benefits on a large scale, including understanding the link between interface programming and infrastructure, which allows building more practical and effective software for all parts of the site. It seems like Chinese to you? Yes, this was our case too! But with Code Guru’s help we have been involved in every single detail of the project to be in the know of every step happening and every progress achieved. 

I and all my colleagues at the Experience Center for Training and the International Academy are pleased to extend our sincere thanks to you for your good efforts and distinguished services that you have provided to the Center during the past two years, which was reflected in the increase in visitors to our website, which led to an increase in our sales by more than 100%.

We highly recommend Code Guru to be your digital partner if you are willing to start your online presence.

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