Top Rated Proxy Servers Of 2022

What is a proxy servers?

A proxy servers serves as an intermediary server and recovers data from an Internet source, 

like a web page in the user’s name. They provide additional protection by forming data security boundaries from harmful activities on the internet. If you are searching for proxy services, You can use Proxy Seller Coupon Codeand you will get the most helpful proxy services with great offers and more discounts.

Proxy servers have different uses based on their type and configuration. The standard benefits provide incognito internet browsing, bypassing geo-blocking and regulating web requests. Like any device associated with the internet, proxies have been linked with cybersecurity risks that users should examine before using.

proxy serversHow does a proxy server work?

Proxy services address web responses and requests between a user and a web server. 

Generally, a user approaches a website by sending a direct appeal to its web server from a web browser through its IP address. The web server then sends a reply containing the website data back to the user.

So let’s zoom in on some of the leading proxy servers of 2022.

1. Proxyrack

Proxyrack ranks best among the best proxy services for 2022. They have over a million IPs across 40 countries in America, Asia, and Europe. It is available with three different packages having the same number of IPs and unlimited bandwidth. The main difference lies in the number of simultaneous connections permitted.

Proxyrack provides a 14-day money-back guarantee and a 3-day trial period to try out. The proxy server is a Residential Proxy for $49.95 and Data Centre Proxies for $50. Let’s view some of the crucial attributes offered by the server:

  1. Provides unlimited server switches.
  2. Numerous authentication methods.
  3. Protection from DNS Leak.
  4. Easy to use the software.
  5. Offers unlimited bandwidth.


SmartProxy is a service provider that is a perfect fit for maintaining online anonymity. The proxy server has over 40 million IPs with 195 data centres across eight cities worldwide. It comes with features and is easy to use.

SmartProxy gives access to any geo-restricted platform. The IP addresses keep changing after every 30 minutes. They come in three categories: Micro at $75, Starter at $200 and Regular at $400. Some of the critical highlights of SmartProxy are:

  1. Money-back guarantee in 3 days.
  2. Offers Unlimited connections and activities.
  3. Gives the option of a Residential proxy. 
  4.  They have IPv4 IPs with HTTP protocol.

3. KProxy

KProxy presents its proxy services through extensions for Firefox and Chrome. The configuration is straightforward: After adequately installing the extensions, choose the remote server and click on connect. 

The paid version of KProxy Pro comes with access to premium services. The proxy server renders its services in three categories: Basic Plan(10 days) at $5, Premium(30 days) at $10 and VIP(180 days) at $30. Some of the key highlights of the server are:

  1. Supports HTTPS.
  2. Provides unlimited downloads.
  3. Money-back guarantee in 30 days.
  4. Offers KProxy extensions.
  5. Elude hackers and bypass filters.
  6. You can surf privately.

4. Bright Data

Bright Data is a pioneer in rotating residential proxies. The proxy server has 72M IPs worldwide. It provides excellent speed and outstanding performance. It provides the facility of unblocking sites which are difficult to access. The price is $30 per IP. Some of the best highlights of Bright Data are:

  1. It offers 9.99% network uptime.
  2. Provides worldwide geo-distribution.
  3. 24*7 professional support.
  4. Can detect IPs by country and city.
  5. Offers unlimited concurrent sessions.
  6. Health dashboard services in real-time application.
  7. Presents unlimited rotation
  8. Provides help through dedicated account managers.


ProxySite offers a free proxy server provider specially designed to browse in incognito mode. The privy policy mentions deleting all logs after 14 days. You can disable the storage of advertising cookies through your browser settings. The paid version of ProxySite accessible is a VPN. This paid version offers encryption and many other facilities.

Lets us give a glance at some of the principal features of ProxySite:

  1. It provides many proxy servers for users to switch easily.
  2. Hides users’ IP addresses.
  3. There is no constraint to chatting or sharing posts online.
  4. Offers complete control over the use of scripts and cookies.


VPNBook is a virtual private network that provides a free SSL-encrypted web proxy for browsing in incognito mode. It comes with many options from servers available in Canada, the US, the UK or France, or the platform chooses it randomly. 

VPNBook is super fast and convenient to use. Its clear data policy makes it the best proxy server. Some of the principal features of VPNBook are mentioned below:

  1. Unblocks Youtube, Facebook and other websites.
  2. Blocks ads and supports HTTPS connections.
  3. Bypasses government censorship with its 256-bit encrypted traffic.
  4. Shields your network from spies.
  5. Web-based proxy.

7. Hide. me is one the fastest and most efficient proxy servers as it does not store logs to speed things up. You can easily use it directly through the site or enable the Chrome or Firefox browser extension. Let us explore some of the notable highlights of Hide. me:

  1. 100% independent service provider.
  2. Great streaming experience.
  3. Simple to use.


These days, proxy servers offer great help from the browser web anonymity, filter unwanted web content and many more. In the above articles, we have mentioned some of the key highlights of the seven best proxy services of 2022. We hope that will help you in choosing your proxy service.

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