Top Budget-Friendly Online Conference Platforms

We all know how popular terms like online events, online conferences, webinars, and others have become in these times. Earlier it was the pandemic that compelled people to switch to an online medium of hosting events, and learning. However, now that even though things have gotten back to normal, people are still sticking to online platforms. What is the reason? It is because the times have changed drastically, and it is the era of rapid learning. 

The introduction to online events has taught us the best possible ways to utilize technology. Not only this, such event platforms have introduced a revolutionary way to plan and execute events within minutes. Hence, even though we are now open to getting back to the age-old method of hosting events, online conferences are still as popular as they were two years ago. 

Talking of online conferences, the platforms that one utilizes to host online conferences are known as online conference platforms. There are countless platforms available in the market. Out of which, we will talk about a few budget-friendly online conference platforms. So, without any ado, let us jump into the blog, and see what all blogs it talks about. 


The first name that pops into our minds while we talk of the best budget-friendly online conference platforms is Mixhubb. It is a self-managed online platform that is designed to host all kinds of events in the most seamless manner. When we talk about the features it is equipped with, it comes with customization, a set of audience engagement tools, excellent networking solutions, and many more. Mixhubb is a highly scalable platform; it means organizers can host any kind of event on this platform, beyond the size and type of the organization as well as the event. When we talk about the pricing plans, Mixhubb offers its users with a three-tiered package, and a free trial. 

2.Zoho Meeting

The next name we will talk about in this blog is Zoho Meeting, a platform that doesn’t need any introduction. Zoho is an excellent platform when we talk about hosting marketing events. So, if you are looking for a platform that will let you host events such as webinars, team meetings, conferences, etc., you should definitely consider this platform. When we talk about the features this platform offers to the users, one gets Q&A, live polls, ‘raise a hand’, and more. Not only this, Zoho Meeting is an absolutely secure and safe platform. It means one can host engaging events on this platform without having to worry about any external security threat and issues. 


Moving onto the next platform, we have WebinarJam on the list. It is an excellent platform to host webinars that are as long as 4 hours. Not only this, it can accommodate as many as 5000 attendees at once. WebinarJam is a cloud-based platform that doesn’t require the organizers to download any sort of application or software. They can directly access the platform through the browser. Not only this, WebinarJam is a multi-device accessible platform, which means users can access it from any device of their choice. WebinarJam enables organizers to collect detailed analytics with the help of their detailed analytics feature. 


Next on our list is an excellent online event platform that lets organizers host events with as many as 2000 attendees at once. An easy to use platform, GoToWebinar is the perfect platform for mid to large organizations. It also comes with integrations with third party software and platforms such as Slack, MS Office and many others. Hence, if your intent is to generate more traffic from your events, you should definitely go with this platform. Talking about its features, GoToWebinar comes with a customizable interface, recording feature, audience engagement tools, and many more. All these features come together to deliver an excellent and an unforgettable experience to the attendees, and generate more leads for the business. 


Next up, we have Livestorm, another over-the-top online event platform known for its excellent set of features. This platform is completely a browser-based solution that helps users access the events directly from the browsers. This feature eliminates the need of downloading applications and software, making the overall experience smooth and easy. It is a customizable platform that means organizers can customize the event as per their needs and demands. It boosts the reach of the event, and promotes its branding. Livestorm is capable of hosting events that are either live, on-demand and even recorded. To enable organizers to calculate the ROI of the event and analyze their strategies, this platform provides them with the live analytics dashboard. Other features include real-time chat, creating registration pages, and sending emails to the attendees. 


Last but definitely not least, we have Demio on the list of our most affordable yet the best online conference platform. When we talk about the features this platform offers to its users, we get networking tools. These tools enable the attendees to connect with each other, and the organizers to network with attendees and expand their brand reach. Not only this, these tools also enable them to form long-lasting relationships with their customers and generate organic leads for the brand. It is a customizable platform that enables organizers to customize their events, and design as per their brand requirements and needs. It is a browser-based platform, which means organizers don’t need to download any sort of additional software or application to access the event. They can simply do that directly from the browser. 

These are our top picks when it comes to the best online conference platforms that are budget friendly also. If you wish to host a conference that is not only successful, but also helps you save money, you should consider any of these platforms. All these names are efficient in their own ways and they come with the best tools. Opting for any of the above given names will not only help you deliver a conference that is remembered by all, but you wouldn’t have to spend hefty sums of money. 

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