Tips to Choose the Best OEM for Automotive Wiring Connectors

Undoubtedly, the quality of automotive wiring connectors decides the reliability of the system operation. Therefore, choosing the right OEM for the same is crucial in building innovative automobile designs. 

With so many excellent OEMs for automotive wiring connectors in the market, choosing one can get tricky. This article gives some actionable tips to make decisions that can boost the overall performance of the automobile manufacturing process.

Tip #1:

Look for expertise

Not all consumer durable manufacturers have the same expertise. Choose a team that innovates to meet the changing consumer demands. The designers need to be adept at the specifications required for automotive wiring connectors depending on the system performance. 

OEMs like Eigen have a strong team capable of bringing competitive, reliable products to market on time. 

#Tip 2: 

Check the production capacity

Each OEM has a different production capacity. Therefore, a deep understanding of the product requirement and its desired volume is a must when deciding on OEM for automotive wiring connectors. Another factor to look for while checking production capabilities is that the connector must be compatible with the desired automotive system, as soldered and crimped connectors have different applications.

#Tip 3:

Do a thorough background check about service and delivery. 

OEMs for automotive connectors need to have an excellent record of delivering quality-certified products on time. Discussions with OEMs can help in understanding their manufacturing process and time. Custom designs may take more delivery time than manufacturing existing designs. 

Thorough research about OEM automotive wiring connectors services helps in making the right decision within the stipulated time. 

#Tip 4

Check if the OEM supplier gives engineering support

The best OEM for automotive wiring connectors, like Eigen, gives full-scale engineering support- from designing to prototyping services to the actual product. Checking their manufacturing capabilities like precision metal stamping gives a fair idea about the quality of products and delivery time. 

What do quality automotive wiring connectors look like?

Ideal Automotive wiring connectors are moisture and dust-proof, resistant to heat, and robust in design. The best OEMs design and test designs for the following parameters to ensure high-quality automotive wiring connectors. 

  1. Design accuracy

The highest quality indicator of an OEM automotive wiring connector is its design accuracy. The slightest deviation from design can hamper the performance of the system. Therefore, the final product must be in tandem with a design suitable for the desired application. 

  1. Operative Reliability

A good quality automotive wiring connector ensures high operative reliability. This means the automotive wiring connector must be capable of matching the number of mating cycle requirements of the user. It should also withstand harsh environments and offer optimum performance both indoors and outdoors. 

  1. Ability to meet the electrical needs

Every application has different electrical needs. The voltage rating depends on contact spacing, insulation materials, and insulator geometry. The electrical current carrying ability depends on the size of the contact and wire. 

A good quality OEM automotive wiring connector must match the electrical voltage and current requirements of the contacts that the user specifies. 


OEM automotive wiring connectors guarantee compatibility with the automotive system. Therefore, most users opt for OEM auto parts over aftermarket auto parts. To ensure the user gets high-quality certified, compatible automotive wiring connectors, it is always best to follow the tips highlighted in this article. 

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