Tips for the Best Couples Masturbation

Masturbation plays a huge role in having better sex with your partner. Knowing your own body and finding what turns you on and what turns you off gives you a sense of direction when exploring all the exciting sensations and experiences sex has to offer. If frequent masturbation puts you in touch with your desires so you can communicate these more efficiently in the bedroom, what about masturbating together?

Couples masturbation, or mutual masturbation, gives you and your partner the chance to get all hot and bothered as you each pleasure yourselves. You know better than anyone else what you like, and by allowing your partner to see how you masturbate, they can learn for themselves firsthand how to make you climax harder, better, and longer.

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Make solo play a little less lonely, or try something a little different for date night.

Talk with Your Partner
You probably already know that communication is essential in maintaining healthy, lasting friendships and romantic relationships. This goes for sexual relationships as well. We all value chemistry and mutual attraction, but it’s communication with your partner that guides you on how to best make sure everyone is walking away satisfied.

Communication serves to build stronger relationships in all aspects of your life. Having a candid discussion about couples masturbation can open many doors in your relationship. Hiding our sex toys and masturbation habits are learned behaviors for many of us. Before exploring mutual masturbation, work on feeling comfortable enough to talk or show your partner how you pleasure yourself in private. Getting familiar with one another first lays the groundwork for exploring other kinks or fantasies confidently.

Take Turns
We’ve all been told to wait our turn once or twice in life. In most cases, the anticipation leaves us irritated or anxious. Taking turns during couples masturbation with or without toys, however, brings a whole new meaning to anticipation.

Couples masturbation might suggest the two of you are masturbating at the same time, but this doesn’t always have to be the case. Watching your partner build up to their own climax first and being unable to touch yourself or them makes your turn all the more rewarding when you’re finally able to relieve your own tension. Sex toys like thrusting dildos can also allow you to experience your partner’s pleasure during penetration in a new perspective you might not get up close and in the throes of passion.

Try Different Positions
There’s more freedom during masturbation to move and try different positions than if you are trying to include another body. Things can get awkward if someone isn’t flexible or you’re uncomfortable. Couples masturbation can take place one at a time, together, or masturbating each other in a variety of ways and locations you might not otherwise get away with.

Introduce Sex Toys
We masturbate with our favorite sex toys when we’re alone, so why not bring them out during mutual masturbation?

Partner and solo play both have their pros and cons, and the same rings true for stimulation from a partner versus a sex toy. Sex toys can’t replace sex, but there are some things that only sex toys can do. Most partners can’t offer us powerful vibrations or G-spot stimulation without introducing a couples masturbation toy. For consistent stimulation like thrusts or vibrations, nothing beats a sex toy.

Sex toys like the Abbey and Walter aren’t made to replace a realistic cock during couples masturbation, but instead offer a new experience altogether. Either way, the sex toys you love in private are bound to be a hit with your partner when they see your arousal.

Be the Boss
This tip might not work for beginners, but seasoned pros who know how to tease their partner and edge them along will love this interesting power play.
Once the two of you have had some fun getting ready for the main event, you and your partner can direct each other how to touch yourselves during couples masturbation. Both of you should be at a point in your relationship where you trust giving up control to the other person and are aware of what makes their lover tick. Drive your partner wild and make them bring themselves to the brink, only to tell them to stop right before reaching their climax. You’ll get to enjoy the satisfaction of arousing the other person without even touching them! Couples masturbation toys can also add another element of one partner giving up control only to be taken care of by the other. Toys that come with adjustable speeds or remote controls can vibrate harder and faster at your partner’s leisure as they decide when you can orgasm.

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