Tips for Choosing the Right Sports for You

As times progressed, more and more new types of sports emerged. Not infrequently, this makes it difficult for people to choose what type of exercise is right for their body condition and needs.

To obtain maximum fitness, exercise must be done regularly. Therefore, choose the type of exercise that you will really do on an ongoing basis.

In order not to be confused, here ‘s how to choose the right type of exercise for you:

  1. On Target

Before choosing the type of sport, you should first determine the target you want to achieve. Apart from improving fitness, each type of exercise has a different specific effect on the body.

For example, there are types of exercise that focus on specific muscle parts in the body, losing weight, practicing breathing, and so on.

Of course, everyone’s target can be different, so you can’t depend on other people for your choice of sport.

For someone who wants to get the ideal body shape, lifting weights can be the right choice for him. However,  it may not necessarily be suitable for you.

  1. On schedule

Everyone has a different daily routine. It would be nice if you choose the type of exercise that is adjusted to the daily schedule. Plan exercise in your spare time.

For example, are you more likely to exercise in the morning before work or in the evening after work.

In addition, you need to estimate the duration of the exercise with the time you have. Then, adjust the location of the sport to where you live or work.

Well , by choosing the right schedule, you can maximize the quality of the exercise you do without being distracted by your daily routine. You know better when your body is ready to exercise or not.

  1. According to your liking

Everyone has their own preferences. The sport is no exception. So, how to choose the right sport should be based on personal preference.

Remember that to be able to run sports to the fullest, you have to enjoy every process you are doing. If you don’t like it, your commitment will automatically disappear easily. In the end, you stop exercising before the target is reached.

You can also choose a sport that many people tend to like, such as football. With a common interest in doing the same type of sport, maybe you and your sports friends can motivate each other.

  1. Sesuai Gen

Therefore, to choose the right sport, you can do it by paying attention to the tendencies of your family.

By conducting genetic mapping related to sports performance, it is expected to provide an exercise program that is in accordance with the genetic potential of the person. In fact, this genetic mapping can be very useful for athletes.

There have been several studies regarding the genetic relationship to exercise performed by a person. Research on Olympic athletes has found that there are genetic characteristics in muscles that might make an athlete a better  sprinter  than a  long-distance runner.

Another study at the University of Sydney found that genes in the body can influence how well the body responds to physical activity.

In fact, genes in the body can play a role in some of the changes that occur in the body after a person does an exercise program and diet. Such as body weight, body mass index, to body fat levels.

  1. Social or Team Sports Can Be Considered

You also need to pay attention to consistency in exercising. This is meant to make you more motivated to do it.

For some people, one of the things that makes someone feel at home doing sports is when they have friends to exercise with. If you are someone who likes team sports, choose a sport that involves a team.

Exercise has an important role in keeping your body fit. Therefore, make sure you choose the right type of exercise. Remember that by exercising properly, you are already investing in getting better health in the future.

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