Things to know about the Ronnie Turner

Tina Turner and her late husband Ike Turner had four kids together in their previous union. One of the four kids was Ronnie Turner. The 29th day of 1960 saw the birth of Ronnie, who was Tina’s son with her husband Ike. He accused Ike of striking her after the incident, and the pair called it quits in 1976 then, in 2007, Ike overdosed on heroin and died. 

Ronnie, her deceased son, made an appearance in Angela Basset’s 1993 biography. He played a part in his mother’s character in the 1993 biopic What’s Love Got to do with it, which chronicles her private life. The man had a history of drug-related offenses, and in August 1999, cocaine was found in his hands. Police said that he was selling the narcotic at the time.

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About Ronnie Turner’s wife 

According to Opoyi, Afida Turner is a well-known French singer and actress who was born Hafida Message on December 22, 1976, in Auchel, France. When she released the song Crazy about You in 1998, her singing career officially got underway in the 1990s. She gained notoriety, nevertheless, when she made an appearance in Loft Story’s second season in 2002. 

She portrayed Leslie in the play. Under the alias Leslie Mess, she obtained a recording contract with Sony Music and issued her debut album, Rock Attitude, in the same year. Afida additionally acted in several movies, including Single Black Female (2006), Shut Up and Shoot (2006), and The Sweep (2008). (2009). 

From her studio album Paris-Hollywood, she released the single Come with Me, Born an Angel in 2011. Afida made an appearance on stage in the same year in “Requiem for a Conne” (2022). She also made “Étienne” her single. Before she wed guitarist Ronnie Turner in 2007, she was in a two-year romance with Coolio in the past. And she once dated Mike Tyson as well. She started going by the name Afida Turner after being married to Ronnie.

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Children of Ronnie turner 

GhGossip says that Ronnie Turner does not appear to have kids. Ronnie inherited money, success, and notoriety as the son of eminent parents. Ronnie decided to pursue a career in acting rather than music, even though he could have easily continued his music career. Turner is a Los Angeles, California-based real estate agent in addition to his acting and singing careers. 

Ronnie Turner lives with his wife in Beverly Hills, California, and benefits from his parents’ vast fortune and his income from various acting and real estate jobs. Both the musical and musical arrangement skills of his parents were passed down to Ronnie Turner. At a young age, he began singing and playing numerous instruments. Ike and Tina Turner’s turbulent 16-year marriage gave birth to their child Ronald Renell Turner.

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How did Ronnie Turner Die? 

Tina has experienced several heartbreaks recently. The singer’s oldest son, Craig, committed suicide in 2018. Her second son, Ronnie, recently passed away. Ronnie was reportedly outside their home early on Thursday when a neighbour dialed 911 to report that Ronnie was having trouble breathing.

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Ronnie Turner, son of Tina Turner and Ike Turner dead at 62 Ronnie was allegedly at home on Thursday morning when someone called 911 to report that he was having trouble breathing. A little while afterward, he stopped breathing. The individual eventually ceased breathing after a little period. 


There is currently no information available regarding Ronnie Turner’s cause of death, and it is unclear whether his past cancer diagnosis had any bearing on it. Trending issues have made an effort to get in touch with family members and other relatives to get their thoughts on the situation.  

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