The Negative and Positive Impacts of Social Media on SEO Rankings

Social media has undergone rapid evolution over its relatively short history. The evolution of social networking sites from BBS to Friendster to Diaspora to Myspace to Facebook. But these days, when most of us think of social media, only Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and perhaps LinkedIn come to mind.

You can effectively introduce your company to your ideal customers by utilizing these four channels, now standard components of any marketing strategy. Your mind may be circling the question of whether or not they have any direct effect on your search engine optimization and page rank. Sorry to say that, as of right now, they don’t.’ But this doesn’t change the fact that SEO and SMM are intertwined in many ways. Both strategies fall under the inbound marketing umbrella, which focuses on attracting prospective clients.

In this article, I’d like to explain the connection between social media and search engine optimization (SEO) and discuss how social media affects SEO and increases website traffic.

Where do social media and search engine optimization (SEO) fit into the picture?

There is no constant connection between social media and search engine optimization; search engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and others use different metrics to determine page rankings. According to Google, social media signals do not affect search engine rankings. However, according to Bing, socially shared pages are prioritized.

You should not put yourself in this predicament under any circumstances, and you should do all in your power to avoid doing so. There is a lot of strong competition in SEO Geelong.

Studies have shown that there is still a connection between social media and search engine optimization (SEO), at least in the case of Google. However, due to the page’s high ranking, many likes and shares on social media are virtually guaranteed.

Just how does using social media aid in getting people to your site?

Now that we know social media doesn’t directly affect Google rankings let’s look at five ways it can still help.

• Positive impacts of Social Media SEO Rankings

• Acquire Additional Links of a Higher Quality

• Backlinks have always been and will continue to be among the most important factors in Google ranking.

• Your website’s ranking can be significantly improved by improving both the quantity and quality of the backlinks that point to it.

• If you concentrate on improving your social media marketing, you will increase the likelihood of attracting backlink opportunities that are appropriate for your site.

Obtain A Huge Number Of Followers

• The first step in achieving successful marketing goals is creating a fantastic product. However, reaching your target market, especially early adopters, is essential before declaring your service or product a success.

• Keep in mind that your product or service is useless if nobody buys it. Companies today are prepared to spend heavily to secure a position in the current market.

• This is why you need to go the extra mile to get in touch with your intended demographic. The more effort you put into your plan, the better off you will be. Social media makes it simple to expand your online visibility.

• With its help, you can get in touch with a community of people who are interested in hearing from you and doing business with you. Nowadays, almost everyone who uses the internet also has a social media profile; all you need to do is research which platforms your ideal customer frequents.

• The next step is to make content for social media that will allow you to connect with them on a deeper, more personal level.

Increase Brand-Related Online Activity

• Audience expansion and brand consolidation are fundamental to the success of any online marketing campaign, social media marketing included.

• Having active accounts and sites on various social media platforms helps you connect with your ideal customers.

• They’ll keep in mind your company due to the frequent updates and high-quality content you produce on social media. They recognize your name and understand the caliber of your work. They will start thinking of you as an authority figure.

• Brand recognition can be increased through the strategic use of social media marketing. If people learn about your product or service through search engines, they will be more likely to click on your content when it appears in their results.

What effect does search engine optimization (SEO) has on social media

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• Too often, social media is overlooked or dismissed.

• Although it is a crucial point of contact, it is seldom given the credit it deserves for contributing to a customer’s eventual conversion.

• Or it might be the first time a well-known blogger saw your piece, which can’t be linked to factors like backlinks.

• Nonetheless, that is not the case.

• I’ve utilized social media multiple times to increase social shares and promote my material to authoritative websites, which is a great approach to getting backlinks.

You aren’t making your content social media sharing-friendly

• Sharing your newly written blog content all over your social networking accounts will not increase your readership.

• And it certainly won’t help you build any inbound connections.

• Please allow me to illustrate with a simple example:

• You spend many minutes here, reading the material and exploring the website further by following other connections.

• After browsing the site for a few minutes, you return to Google to do another search.

• You go on to click the following link, only to click back 30 seconds later.

• The question is, what purpose does Google serve with this data?

• The website you visited for five minutes after clicking on it is considered excellent, whereas the one you left practically quickly after arriving is considered poor.


You need to know where you’re going and how you’re performing with your SEO and social media efforts for them to be successful.

Regardless of your marketing objectives, you may likely increase your results by careful monitoring and evaluation of your efforts.

You can tell what is and isn’t working with your social media efforts by tracking and analyzing the right key performance indicators.

So you may put your energy into boosting the right metrics. It’s important to monitor the metrics that matter to you, whether that’s the number of social shares your post receives or the amount of social referral traffic your site receives.

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