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In log home restoration Numerous contractors utilize it to eliminate any coating, oil, or latex or to eliminate grayed-out dirt, mildew, and wood. Due to how the procedure works, it’s more costly than the chemical strip and requires specific equipment. A commercial air compressor with the capacity to produce, at minimum, the equivalent of 185 cubic feet per minute of air volume must be utilized. Certain contractors have their compressors; however, most hire one when needed Vessel Steel Repairs. A unique “blasting pot” designed to distribute broken glass baking soda, baking soda, and ground corn cob is utilized. It’s similar to the sandblaster but modified to deal with various media. Alongside this equipment, some thousands of pounds worth of material itself is required. The range from three-four thousand pounds is expected.

Utilizing Media Blasting for log home restoration is an excellent way of removing any debris on the logs. However, it’s best for the tougher to remove water-based and latex paints and stains. Chemical stripping, however, is ideal for oil-based staining, which accounts for 75% of what’s employed on homes built of logs in this particular area. Media Blasting has its advantages. The most significant is that it’s an in-between procedure. Once the coating or finish has been removed, the stain will be applied instantly. There is no need to wait for the logs’ drying time as they are stripped chemically, and the water is not a problem within the house from leaks. The used media can be taken out to be reused, sifted, and reused. Once it is used up, the press can be bagged and then disposed of, or because it’s biodegradable, it can be spread and used to amend the soil.

The blasting itself is extremely fast after everything is in place and scaffolding and staging are put in place. It is common for two people to handle the job, one operating the nozzle and another filling the hopper with the right number of media, adjusting media and air mixtures, and ensuring that the hoses and machinery are in good condition and functioning correctly. There are also drawbacks to blasting media Vessel Ship Supplies. There are more costs involved when compared to chemical stripping because of the cost of the blasting equipment and compressor rental, the media itself, and the vast amount required. Additionally, scaffolding, walk boards, and staging are needed. Similar to chemical stripping, ladders usually work. Although a dry process is not a problem, it can create vast amounts of dust.

The dust is absorbed by everything and everything around. When a log home is being restored with chemicals, the water could enter the home through within the logs, around the ceilings and corners, and other places you may not have thought of. Wherever water may get in, so will media dust. In contrast to water that drips through and is easily removed but media dust, on the contrary, creeps into the house and spreads through the entire house and covers all surfaces. If you’re fortunate enough to have a reputable contractor, they’ll usually cover the walls of the exterior with plastic. This helps; however, depending on the quality of the seal they use, dust will find its way onto the kitchen tables, cabinets, furniture, and all other horizontal surfaces.

 Another drawback is the profile that is left on the wood. This is caused by the impact of the media on the wood grain Additional Vessel Services. The wood grain is composed of hard and soft spots, and the weak spots are removed further than the tricky spots, leaving a pattern within the wood. This could or might not be an issue based on the finish applied, the number of coats used, and the desired appearance. The wood species and the operator for media blast there are grooves made within the logs that might need to be sanded. It is essential to discuss the matter with your contractor before restoring your log home, ensuring there are no surprises once the coating is removed. You find logs with a profile that you weren’t expecting to observe.

The biggest negative of media blasting is that it’s being utilized in situations where it isn’t required in the first place. Log homeowners are paying for something that they do not need. Media blasting isn’t required if your home is stained with the usual linseed oil-based stain. A chemical strip can be sufficient, less expensive, and less difficult to clean. Media blasting is only needed for paints and latex stains and is only required on the most durable intact oil/alkyd-based staining.

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