The Cost to Install a Level 2 Charger: How Much Will It Set You Back

If you’re considering the Cost To Install A Level 2 Charger for your electric vehicle, you may be wondering just how much it will set you back. There are several factors that will impact the overall cost of a level 2 charger installation, from the type of charger you choose to the labor costs associated with the installation. In this blog post, we’ll explore the cost of a level 2 charger installation and the various elements that will determine the final cost.

The basics of Level 2 chargers

Level 2 chargers are a necessary part of owning an electric vehicle (EV). They are much faster than the standard Level 1 charger, which is the type that comes with the car. The cost to install a Level 2 charger can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands, depending on the type of unit you buy and where you live. Level 2 chargers typically come with either a 110-volt or a 240-volt outlet. The 110-volt outlet provides up to 16 amps of power, while the 240-volt outlet provides up to 40 amps of power. This means that a Level 2 charger can charge an EV in a fraction of the time it would take to charge it with a Level 1 charger.

Level 2 chargers are designed for use in either a residential or commercial setting. Residential Level 2 chargers are usually wall-mounted and can be plugged into an existing outlet. Commercial Level 2 chargers are usually larger, more expensive units and need to be professionally installed. The cost to install a Level 2 charger can vary depending on whether it is a residential or commercial installation, as well as the type and size of the unit being installed.

Why you need a Level 2 charger

If you have an electric vehicle (EV), you will need a Level 2 charger to be able to charge your car efficiently. Level 2 chargers are significantly more powerful than the standard level 1 charger, providing twice the charging power of a regular charger. This means that you can charge your car faster, so you’ll spend less time at the charger and more time on the road.

Having a Level 2 charger also ensures that your EV is always ready for a long trip, allowing you to travel further with confidence. Level 2 chargers are also more reliable than level 1 chargers, as they come with advanced safety features designed to protect both your car and home.

Although it may cost more up front to install a Level 2 charger, you will save money in the long run due to the faster charging speed and reduced need for trips to the gas station. The cost to install a Level 2 charger can vary depending on your location and the specific brand but typically ranges from $500 – $1,500.

The cost of installation

When it comes to cost to install a Level 2 charger, the total cost can vary depending on the specific charger, installation requirements, and local electrician or service provider rates. Generally speaking, the cost to install a Level 2 charger will range from around $500-$1,500. This cost may include the hardware, labor costs, and the cost of a dedicated circuit installation.

Depending on the exact hardware and configuration you select, your hardware cost could be between $400 and $1,000. Labor costs usually range between $100 and $400, but could be higher depending on the complexity of the installation. If a dedicated circuit is required, there could be additional costs due to wiring and circuit breaker installation, which can range between $50 and $200. Keep in mind that some service providers might include this cost in their quotes.

It’s important to get multiple quotes and compare them before selecting a service provider or electrician. Look for a professional with experience in installing Level 2 chargers, and make sure they are certified or licensed to perform the work in your area. Make sure to also check with your electric company for any additional fees or permits that may be required for your installation. In some cases, an inspection may be necessary after installation is completed.

The bottom line

The cost to install a Level 2 charger varies depending on the location, the type of charger you’re installing, and the installation company you use. Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $2000 to have a Level 2 charger installed. That being said, there are ways to reduce the cost of installation. For instance, some installation companies offer discounts or free installation when you purchase a Level 2 charger from them. Additionally, you may be able to find lower-cost installation services in your area by shopping around.


Installing a Level 2 charger is a great way to ensure that your electric vehicle is always ready to go. It provides a faster charge than the standard Level 1 charger, which can be an invaluable convenience. However, the cost to install a Level 2 charger can be quite expensive. It’s important to understand the details of the installation process and make sure you factor in any potential additional costs so you can accurately budget for the expense. With proper research and planning, you can make sure you get the best price for installing a Level 2 charger that meets your needs.

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