The Best 8 Healthiest Green Teas To Try In 2022

Due to its antioxidant properties, green tea has become increasingly popular these days. It has been proven to be beneficial for many different health conditions. It’s no wonder why so many people love drinking it. There are various types of green tea available on the market, including tea bags, matcha powders, loose leaf teas, and cold brews with a range of flavors. 

Also, green tea acts as a good alternative to coffee since it contains lower caffeine content. In particular, it is beneficial to those who experience headaches and anxiety with high caffeine intake. There are many brands of green teas available on the market. Craft Tea Fox makes delicious and healthy matcha accessible to a wide audience. Read Craft Tea Fox Review to find out more about the brand. The Best 8 Healthiest Green Teas To Try In 2022

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Our Top 10 Picks For The Healthiest Green Tea 

We’ve rounded up the top ten healthy green teas to try right now. From matcha to loose leaf, these teas are sure to help you stay hydrated.

Rishi Tea Sencha Tea: Best Overall Green Tea

Certified non-GMO, organic, and 100% green tea, Rishi Sencha Green Tea bagged the top spot on our list of healthiest green teas. This green tea comes with a delicate flavor having sweet and bright earthy notes, making it an easily consumable beverage. Plus, the brand derives its sencha tea from Kyushu Island, located in southern Japan. Each box of Rishi Sencha Tea contains 15 sachets loaded with organic green tea leaves. Please read our Healthiest Green Teas.

Bigelow Classic Green Tea: Best Budget Green Tea

Green tea can be a bit pricey, depending on the brand and the variety. Thankfully, Bigelow Classic Green Tea offers an affordable option. They handpicked green tea leaves from high elevated gardens, plus each tea bag is covered with a foil packet to protect it from the air, moisture, and other factors that might affect its flavor. Each box of Bigelow Classic Green Tea contains 40 tea bags packed with their signature green tea blend. 

Pique Tea Organic Jasmine Green Tea: Best On The Go Green Tea

If you are searching for a convenient on-the-go green tea alternative, go with Pique Organic Jasmine Green Tea packets. This green tea brand practices sourcing from multi-generational farmers and tea experts from Japan, China, and Italy. Every Pique tea is then screened for toxins, USDA Organic approval, and lastly, processed to preserve antioxidants. Each box contains 14 single-serve sachets that can be used to make the healthiest hot or cold green tea. Please read our Healthiest Green Teas.

Yogi Tea Green Tea Pure Green: Best Organic Green Tea

This USDA organic green tea is inspired by the ancient philosophy of Ayurvedic medicine. The brand utilizes selective sourcing standards and stringent quality testing to perform Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). You can feel good about the purchase, too, as Yogi Tea is involved in international and local missions supporting sustainability and social responsibility. Pure Green tea by Yogi Tea has a green flavor and a smooth finish. You can enjoy this tea served hot or cold. Simply steep one tea bag in boiling water for about three minutes. If you want a stronger flavor, use two tea bags.

Kusmi Tea Ginger Lemon Green Tea: Best Tasting Green Tea

The lemon and ginger notes in Kusmi Green Tea tend to yield a complex flavor, enhancing the natural flavor of green tea. It is French-made tea derived from tea leaves from around the world, offering a wide range of delicious flavors. Sip the Ginger Lemon Green Tea after a meal to get the potential digestive benefits of ginger. The best part is it does contain caffeine, which may not be ideal for sipping in the later afternoon or evening. Please read our Healthiest Green Teas.

Vahdam Teas Himalayan Green Tea: Best Loose Leaf

Loose-leaf tea yields a more complex flavor since the water flows through more of the leaf’s surface. This climate-neutral and fair trade sources tea leaves from the Himalayan region and has a sweet and vegetal aroma and flavor profile. The 3.53-ounce bag delivers 50 cups of green tea. The brand recommends brewing one teaspoon in 175 Fahrenheit water for at least three to four minutes and then straining. Vahdam is a well-established brand in India that is carbon & plastic neutral, with highly transparent sourcing and giving 1% of revenue for the education of their tea growers’ children.

Encha Ceremonial Grade Organic Matcha Green Tea: Best Matcha Powder

Matcha is different from regular green tea in a way that conventional green tea is created by brewing tea leaves in water, with tea leaves being discarded so the consumer does not consume the tea leaves themselves. On the other hand, Matcha is finely ground green tea made into a powder and blended into the water so that the tea leaves are consumed. Please read our Healthiest Green Teas.

Encha Ceremonial Organic Matcha is a rich ceremonial grade matcha with a smooth texture, which means it’s the first harvest of matcha leaves made from the high grade, sourced from Japan. The brand utilizes only pure organic green tea matcha. 

The brand recommends stirring one teaspoon of matcha green tea powder in five ounces of water until the powder is evenly distributed into a froth. 

Ito En Tea Unsweetened Oi Ocha Green: Best Bottled 

Packed green tea beverages contain high amounts of sugar and unnecessary additives. With no added sugar, Ito En Unsweetened Oi Ocha Green Tea is a blend of refreshing, cold green tea, perfect for traveling and can’t brew your tea. Each 16.9-ounce En Tea Oi Ocha Green Tea bottle contains only purified green tea, water, and ascorbic acid (Vitamin C). It is advised to store a few bottles for a cold and convenient option. Please read our Healthiest Green Teas.

Final Words On Healthiest Green Tea

When it comes to buying a green tea that meets your wellness needs, there are certain things that need to be considered, such as caffeine content, flavor, and ingredients like added sugar. So, if you are looking to meet certain quality along with ethical standards, there are many products available that are certified organic and have certifications on how they source their tea leaves. Please read our Healthiest Green Teas.

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