The 8X Hunting Game in Vietnam

The 8X hunting game is a traditional hunting game that was born in the lush green rice fields of Vietnam. Inspired by the beautiful scenery and flora, this game spread throughout the country. Today, the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology exhibits 8X rifles and 8X hunting game instructions, hoping to keep the game alive for children. The 8X rifles were used by USMC Gy/Sgt. George H. Hurt during his training at a newly formed sniper school in Da Nang, Vietnam. Using the 8X scope mounted on his Winchester Model 70, Gy/Sgt. Hurt used the scope to test a rifle and was successful.


The 8X trò chơi săn mồi hunting game has a long history in Vietnam. Its origins can be traced back to a USMC sniper named George H. Hurt, who created the game as a way to teach soldiers how to use sniper rifles. It quickly became popular among Vietnamese nobles, spreading to areas such as the Mekong Delta and Lang Biang. While the game is popular today, it was forbidden during the French colonial era due to strict hunting laws. In order to participate, hunters had to pay 4,800 Vietnamese piastres for a license that allowed them to hunt one bull elephant.

The 8X hunting game has its origins in Vietnam, which was a highly hierarchical society ruled by feudal lords and religious leaders. During this time, it was important to keep local traditions and a sense of identity alive.


The 8X hunting game is one of the oldest games in Vietnam. It was created by USMC sniper George H. Hurt. It was first played by Vietnamese noblemen before the French arrived, but soon spread throughout the country, particularly in the Mekong Delta region. The game evolved into different variations over the years, including “Winner Takes All,” which allows players to kill as many opponents as possible.

Variations of 8X hunting game in Vietnam began after the USMC sniper George H. Hurt made the game popular for training troops to use sniper rifles. The game was first popular among Vietnamese noblemen, and became very popular in the Mekong Delta and Lang Biang after the French arrived. The French introduced strict hunting laws, however, which discouraged the sport. Hunters had to purchase “License A” (a document allowing them to kill one bull elephant), which cost around four and a half thousand Vietnamese piastres.


The most important piece of equipment for hunting large game in Vietnam is a high-quality 8X hunting scope. These scopes can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, and are necessary for long-range shooting. They often come with illuminated reticles and other high-tech features. These scopes are also compatible with night vision devices.

A high-quality 8X hunting scope will allow you to make shots at up to 800-yards. They are available in a variety of price ranges, and the price can depend on the model. The 8X game originated in Vietnam, where USMC sniper George H. Hurt developed the game. The aim of the game is to kill as many opponents as you can, by using 52 cards. The game is similar to the popular Vietnamese card game Tien Len, but there are no wild cards or Jokers.

Legal framework

The 8X game has a rich history in Vietnam, having been invented by USMC sniper George H. Hurt and subsequently spread throughout the country. The game is played with a sniper rifle and was initially a popular pastime among nobles before the French arrived. However, the French imposed strict rules and regulations regarding hunting. During the French colonial era, hunters were required to purchase a license in order to hunt one bull elephant. The cost of this license was approximately 4,800 Vietnamese piastres.

The Vietnamese government has passed Decree 27 amending Decree 72, issued in 2013. The Decree is focused on online gaming services, social networks, and information websites. The amended law requires these companies to have a server in Vietnam, and social networks and aggregation information websites must have a presence in the country.


If you’re going to hunt large game in Vietnam, you’ll need to invest in a good 8X trò chơi săn mồi hunting scope. This type of scope costs anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars and can provide you with high-resolution optics and illuminated reticles. It’s an excellent choice for long-range combat, precision shooting, and night hunting. You’ll also need to know what to look for when you’re buying one.

The 8X hunting game originated in Vietnam, where the lush rice fields inspired the game. After the French arrived, it became popular among nobles in the Mekong Delta and Lang Biang. However, the French imposed strict hunting laws. This meant that if you wanted to kill an elephant, you had to purchase a license, called a “License A.” This license cost around 4,800 Vietnamese piastres, and if you wanted to kill more than one animal, you had to buy a second one.

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