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MBBS programs in China

Many students have dreamed of becoming doctors since they are young. There are many obstacles to studying MBBS in Pakistan, including high tuition costs, a limited number of seats, and more. Among other choices, Study MBBS in China is the greatest choice for overseas students.

The greatest MBBS programs in the world with an English medium are offered by Top Medical Colleges in China. Some of the best medical schools in the world are located in China, and they provide affordable MBBS programs.

The medical universities in China can afford to admit international students at such low costs because China has a very big education budget for research and development in its field of medical science. As a result, MBBS in China is growing in popularity every day.

Students do not have to worry about learning a new native language since English is a language that is widely taught in China.

Most medical universities in China are government-owned, making them the best institutions with innovative facilities and top-notch instruction. In China, the MBBS program lasts 6 years, including an internship year.

Students who have completed the MBBS program in China may register for the FMGE, USMLE, and PLAB tests. Once they have earned their MBBS in China, students can continue their education there or begin working elsewhere in the world!

Comprehensive details on MBBS in China

China’s MBBS: Quick Highlights

Entry into the MBBS program

September Qualification Standards 50% for General Category PCB

40% in PCB for MDCAT Entrance Test for Reserved Category

Yes, it is required.

IELTS and TOEFL are not necessary.

The annual minimum tuition is $3,000 USD.

5,000 USD maximum course fees per year

Living expenses in China are $150 USD per month. Internship: 5+1 Years in Length

Education Method

Recognition of English-language universities

Top Medical University approved by the PMC and WHO

Medical University of Dalian

Why should you attend MBBS school in China?

Benefits of MBA in China The educational system in China is well-known throughout the world. There are additional factors at play when international students choose Chinese medical schools. Here, we list the top 5 benefits of studying medicine in China.

The PMC Approved universities in China support foreign educational aspects to improve the quality of medical education.

Most Chinese medical institutes offer scholarships, making MBBS in China affordable.

Students can enjoy a healthy learning atmosphere thanks to well-designed classrooms, large libraries, and innovative laboratories.

Everywhere in the globe, MBBS is accepted, thus students can apply.

Students are given research training to help the thriving medical sector in China.

Fee Structure for MBBS in China in 2023

The following is the fee schedule for China’s top medical universities:

the universities’ names

School Fee (For 6 years)

hostel costs (For 6 years)

Annual Cost (For 6 years)

Jiaotong University in Xi’an

Xinjiang Medical University: 24.52 million, 1.73 million, 26.25 million; Ningxia Medical University: 7.84 million, 1.83 million, 9.66 million; Yangzhou University: 13.68 million, 60,000; Qiqihar Medical University: 12.95 million, 3.25 million; Jilin University: 16.20 million; Nanjing Medical University: 20.76 million, 3.50 million; Dalian Medical University: 20.76 million, 3.50 million;

Jinan Medical University received $20,76, $3,66, and $24,42 in funding.

Tianjin Medical University received $25,02,27,72, and $2,70,000 in funding.

Note: Depending on the exchange rate and university regulations, all the sums shown above may change. For purposes of calculation, 1 USD is equal to 250 RMB.

Chinese medical schools are set up to offer 5 years of classroom instruction since this is the minimum amount of time required for students to learn what they need to know in order to practice medicine successfully.

Along with classroom instruction, students receive practical training.

After successfully completing the classroom training, students are subsequently enrolled in a one-year apprenticeship that focuses only on practical and hospital training, giving them the opportunity to interact with patients in real time and manage surgeries, operations, etc.

A similar internship can be completed in Pakistan instead of China for students. But in Pakistan, the PMC screening test is required.

Consequently, the MBBS program in China lasts a total of six years.

Admissions: For MBBS Studies in China


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Step 1: To be admitted to the MBBS program, a candidate must present original documents from the 10+2 grade along with authenticated copies of their transcripts and identification.

Step 2: Eligible candidates will get an invitation letter following the counseling process.

Step 3 After receiving an invitation letter, the candidate can apply for a student visa.

Step 4: To obtain a travel visa from the Chinese Embassy, applicants must submit a copy of their supporting documentation.

Step 5: During the admissions procedure, the candidate must pay the tuition.

Step 6: After completing the procedure as described above, the candidate can go to China to pursue a career in the medical industry.

Eligibility Requirements for MBBS in China 2023


Here is a typical requirement for admission to MBBS programs at Chinese medical universities:

The candidate’s age must be at least 17 as of December 31 of the year of the application procedure.

For the general cast, the candidate must have a minimum of 50% overall in PCB, and for students in the reserved category, 40%.

The candidate must possess a current MDCAT card with the required MDCAT score.

The candidate must be a citizen of Pakistan.

Documentation needed: Documentation needed for the student visa application -mbbs-admission-in-China

Passport with a minimum validity of 18 months, 10th certificate, mark sheet, and 12th certificate.

10 Birth Certificate in English Images of an Official Letter of Invitation from the Related Medical University

authorized items as determined by the New Delhi-based Ministry of External Affairs.

The relevant Embassy must legalize all documents.

Visa costs

Bank University first-year tuition fee receipt

Reports of HIV tests

Dates of Important MBBS Admission Events in China

March 31st is the deadline for applications.


The course starts in September.

The dates may differ based on each Chinese university, thus the information above is solely for the student’s convenience.

Since all Chinese colleges are on summer break from early July to late August, applicants should submit their applications as soon as possible.

Facts About China’s Advantage in the Race

Here are some details regarding the Chinese Ministry of Education, which contributes to the high standard:

One of the biggest educational systems in the world is found in China.

China is a popular location for study abroad programs.

Some of the top universities in the world are in China, including Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Fudan University, and Zhejiang University.

A total of 10,000 students travel to China to study medicine.

The best universities in the world are found in China. China has 1,070 full-time institutions of higher education in 1993.

The Chinese Communist Party founded China Medical University as its first medical institution.

Associated Universities in China Institutes in China are associated in order to obtain high-quality education from all continents and to advance medical education both domestically and abroad:

School of National Tsing Hua

University of National Chung Hsing

Central National University

Medical University of Kaohsiung

Medical University of Taiwan

Asia University Tunghai University

Offering MBBS Programs in China

Undergraduate students can choose general medicine and clinical medicine courses.

After completing the course, the candidate may pursue a master’s degree in a certain specialized area.

This course is not required by CMU; there are five other Chinese-language courses that are.

Detailed Course Syllabus for First Year, First Semester, and Second Semester of Medical Chemistry for MBBS in China


Biology of Cells

Human Physiology

Mandarin Introduction

Chinese Culture and Art

Second Year Physical First Semester Second Semester



Health Genetics

Human Physiology

Human Physiology


Asian History

Third-year Chinese, First and Second Semesters



Health Statistics


Chinese Pathophysiology in Medicine

Fourth-year Physiology, First and Second Semesters




forensic medicine




Diagnose using radio

Psychiatry Dentistry

Transmissible Illness Medicine, Fifth Year, First and Second Semesters Medicine


Obstetrics ENT Surgery





Medical Student Scholarship for MBBS

Scholarships are offered to students from other countries. Pakistani students may be eligible for scholarships based on their academic performance and their particular field of study.

The following is a list of some of the scholarships that the Chinese government has recognized:

College Scholarships (US)

Government of China Scholarships (CGS)

Scholarships at the Confucius Institute (CIS)

Scholarships from Chinese local governments (CLGS)

Safety Aspect MBBS training in China

Due to its use of high-tech securities, China is one of the most secure nations in the world. China has a fairly low crime rate. In China, foreign students are completely safe.

For the security and safety of students, Chinese medical universities have CCTV cameras installed across the campus, in the classrooms, labs, and libraries. These institutions provide specific care for female pupils.

MD/MS in the US Following MBBS graduation in China

Following their MBBS overseas, students can pursue an MD or MS in the USA. If they complete their MD or MS in the USA, they are not required to take the PMC Screening Test before or after their MBBS overseas. This means that after completing their MBBS in China, students can pursue a postgraduate degree (MD or MS) in the USA without passing the PMC Test.

The students’ PG degrees earned in the US would be recognized in both the US and Pakistan.

Additionally, when studying medicine in America, students would receive a monthly stipend in exchange for all the money they spent while completing their MBBS degree (USD 4,200 Approx.).

Germany’s medical PG Following MBBS graduation in China

Students who attend one of China’s top 10 MBBS colleges at a reputable medical university will profit for the rest of their lives.

After completing their MBBS in China, students typically pursue their medical PG in Germany, while pursuing an MD in China is also a viable option. Admissions to the MBBS program in China have been improved to be more direct, easier, and organized.

About China

China is located in eastern Asia, where its economy is rapidly expanding.

China has the greatest population in the world and is referred to as the People’s Republic of China.

Due to its vast geographic expanse, China has a variety of climates in different regions of the country.

China has a population of roughly 1.420 billion people. There are lakes, rivers, grasslands, deserts, and 14500 miles of coastline in China.

Pakistan, Nepal, and Bhutan all share a border with China. China’s capital is Beijing. Shanghai, China’s largest metropolis, is well-known for its business and financial sector.

The Chinese have a rich cultural heritage and are highly welcoming to visitors. This is because of China’s long and rich history.

Helpline Number in China for emergencies

First-aid Ambulance – 120 Fire – 119 Traffic Accidents – 122 SOS in Water – 12395 Consumer Protection – 12315 Private Ambulance – 999 Police (Calling) -110 Police (Texting) – 12110

New Year Festival is one of China’s most well-known holidays. Likewise known as the Spring Festival

Festival of Yuan Xiao.

Autumn Equinox Festival.

China’s National Day.

Chongyang Festival, Duanwu Festival

Festival of Qingming.

Qixi Holiday.

Food And Lodging Facilities

Chinese cuisine offers international students a variety of regional and cultural delicacies.

The College and University campus offers students a low-cost, high-quality meal. Food ranges in price from $4 to $8 USD.

The cost of living is very reasonable in China for international students.

Comparing China to most European nations, the cost of living is virtually lower.

Chinese MBBS Students’ Monthly Expenses

Estimated Monthly Cost of Expenses (USD)

Rent $200 ~ $70

Food $100 ~ $150


$30 ~ $50


$50 ~ $100

Total $380 ~ $1,000

Weather Situation

In general, China experiences scorching summers, frigid winters, and a continental monsoon climate.

Because China has a variety of landforms, its weather varies for various temperature zones.

The tropical zone of China does not have a lot of chilly days, and Hainan Province has a long-wet season.

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