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Today we look at a smurf selling website called AussyELO. Judging by the creation of their website, they have been around the longest out of all the websites we have seen.

We have bought an account from them 2 months a go and our review will be based off the process of buying the account, the customer support offered, the quality of the account and finally after-sales support.

AussyELO – Purchasing an account:

We purchased an account about 2 months AGO from AussyELO . We purchased the cheapest option and on the Oceania region. To start the account is still working after 2 months, no bans nor has it been taken back so that’s a big PLUS in our book. It was a simple process buying an account from this specific website, no cart/no checkout, just a straight forward one button checkout button which we really liked. The account came as exactly as described (It had a little bit more IP than stated, so another bonus), it came instantly straight to the payment email address we used for the payment. We could change the password and verify the email easily because the email with the account details had all the required information and steps to help us do it. You can also checkout:-Spyfu Review 

Purchasing an account from AussyELO : 9/10 (Wasn’t a 10 due to the email of account details ending up in our spam/junk filter)

AussyELO – Customer Support:

AussyELO’s customer support was pretty good, not the best but enough to keep us satisfied. They had live chat support which was not online when we were purchasing due to time zone we later found out. We sent a couple of emails during the first week of buying to see how helpful they would be and they replied within 8 hours (sometimes much quicker depending on the time we emailed them). They were very helpful with the questions we asked them and even made sure we definitely changed our password and verified our email to be sure the account was secure. Best customer service we have been from a big league account selling website.

Customer Support at AussyELO: 7/10 (Due to time zone differences live chat wasn’t online when we tried contacting them)

AussyELO – Quality of the Accounts:

The account was purchased from AussyELO over 2 months ago was perfect, yes that’s right perfect. We had no issues with the account at all and we received more than the description stated. We noticed one thing AussyELO does and others don’t, they sell accounts after they have been sitting at level 30 for over 2 weeks, which reduces the ban chance of the account you’ll receive by A LOT since most botted bans happen within the first 2 weeks from what we have seen so that is a very nice touch.

Quality of the accounts at AussyELO : 8/10 (We said perfect, but there is always room for improvement)

AussyELO – After-sales Support:

Okay guys, this is the biggest one and most important one, generally after-sales support is terrible from many business’s (not just talking about League of Legends account selling). After a business has your hard earned money that’s their job done and most don’t go the further mile but AussyELO did. We emailed them countless of times with questions, just random questions even league related questions (best way to spend the IP, best ways to keep the account safe and to avoid bans etc), they answered all the emails very fast and gave us advice. After a week of purchasing we received an email from them asking if we have verified our email and changed the password which was a nice gesture and they seem to care about the safety of the account even when it’s in their customers hands and have your money.

After-sales Support at AussyELO: 10/10 (We would highly recommend buying an account from this website if you care about after-sales support)

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