Situation of Erotic Power Exchange

An erotic exchange of power is any situation in which the partners, of their own free will and choice, actively and intentionally incorporate the element of power into their love making process (and significantly in their relationship in general). The exchange of erotic power is known as BDSM, S&M, D/S or sadomasochism, but all these terms are too limited, imprecise and often confused with stereotypes and forms of mental illness, so we consider it pure.

Holistic View

Let us quickly explain our outlook and perspective by Erotica Tale. This online educational facility is designed not to try to push you in any direction, but to explain where we came from so you can better understand the method.

The exchange of sensual power is a situation involving – or even more often than not – soul, body and mind, and it will affect each of these three spheres that together make up a person. As a result, we strive to approach each area of ​​the art of channeling sensual power at each of these levels—to create the whole person—as equally important and all deserving of their individual attention.

An exciting exchange of power in a relationship can come in any shape or form. From small talk to blindfolded lovemaking to slavery and anything 24/7.

How and in what way this happens depends entirely on the imagination, attitudes, desires and limitations of the partners involved. As long as it is informed by consent, safe, rational and voluntary, it is called an erotic exchange of power. If any or all of these four elements are missing, it is considered abuse.

Next, an exciting exchange of energy requires a certain environment. You can call it the biosphere if you like. It requires a healthy, very honest and sincere relationship, deep and open communication, trust, a lot of mutual understanding, an open mind, a lot of love and care and a little creativity. This does not mean that the relationship is long-lasting. All of these needs must be met—albeit on a less stringent level—for things to work, even in a one-night stand or a casual situation.

People often ask: What’s wrong with heterosex? Why add things like energy exchange. Well, there’s nothing wrong with heterosex. But there are people like you who want more from their relationships. These are the people who will identify the element of power that exists in every relationship and begin to work with it, grow it, play with it, explore it and experiment with it. We all have to deal with power on a daily basis. For example, the authority of your boss or political authority, but not all of us become presidents or politicians or even interested in governance or politics. The same goes for power in a sexual/relationship context. Some do, some don’t.

Arousing your partner can be a tremendous sexual sensation. Being relatively confined and helpless and letting your partner enter your fantasies and dreams—some call it subspace—can be exciting, comforting, and revealing all at once. Pain, tickling, and all kinds of other impulses, if delivered with care and skill, can pump out endorphins, producing the same sensations that athletes sometimes experience. On the other hand, the dominant partner will feel adrenaline and serotonin flowing freely through his body, giving them a very strong feeling and a very intense feeling and nurturing at the same time. No, people who don’t need a power element to orgasm or have exciting and rewarding relationships, but yes, they do need a power element to be present and used in their relationships.

In other words, when you feel the effects of the pain, for example, you will want it more and more, and you will become excessive and addicted. In fact, there is no “tipping point theory” (a term that originated in the late 1960s in the study of the causes of drug addiction and the way the theory failed to work in this field) regarding the exchange of erotic forces. The second fact is this. As with almost anything involving exciting power exchanges, there is almost no serious scientific research published on the subject. At the time, almost all research related to EPE in general was done in single cases or in very small groups. Any conclusions based on such studies are simply not valid for the entire group for simple statistical and mathematical reasons, if nothing else. The research was mostly carried out by psychiatrists and psychologists – in almost all cases, questions of help or the relevant health problems related to it are examined directly.

An Umbrella For Many Different Things

One spouse may fulfill her by tying her to the bed, another may fret over the thought of a “strange” man entering the bedroom and getting caught, and a third may have a relationship where he serves her from both sides. Many others will seek spiritual and personal growth of whatever kind. Others are in it for the kinks. That’s fine as long as it works for you and gives you what you’re looking for.

Hypnosis not only puts people in touch with their bodies and sexuality, but also allows a partner to acknowledge the desires he or she feels in their lover. Instead of receiving suggestions in words, they receive them in kisses and caresses that open them up to deeper stimulation, more intimate contact, and greater sexual pleasure.

In the case of questions of a therapeutic nature, the hypnosis program usually begins with teaching relaxation. Then specific images and guided dialogue guide you through the process of overcoming stress, fear or disbelief. All of these are obstacles to satisfying sexual performance.

The exciting exchange of energy is a very personal experience read it Adult Magazine. That’s why it’s so hard to describe exactly what it is. One thing all of these people have in common – and this includes you – is the fact that for their own personal reasons, they are attracted to the element of power in a sexual/relationship context. What they do, how they do it and why can be completely different things. The exciting exchange of electricity is the umbrella argument.

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