Request Letter for School Admission | Samples and Instructions

Applying for a school entrance may be stressful for both parents and pupils. To get your child into the school of your choosing, you must first determine what qualifies your child for admission and the processes that must be followed. You can then submit a letter to the principal requesting that your child be admitted to a certain class. To learn how, read the article and sample letters provided.

How Do You Write a School Admissions Application?

As a parent, you must prepare a letter to the principal explaining why your kid should be admitted. An application for admission to the principal is fairly similar to other official letters. Also look for the primary school admission fee structure.

A request letter for school admission must be prepared in an official and persuasive tone, using professional language. As a parent, you must remember that this is a request for admission to school, so be careful with the language you choose. Examine the examples provided below to learn how to create a request letter.

Request Letter Samples for School Admission

Here are a few examples of school entrance request letters. Examine these to have a better understanding of the format.

Request Application for Admission in School by Parents

Rohit Verma

Kalyani Nagar, 

Pune – 411014 – Indiacom


The Principal,

GIIS School

Maharashtra 411045

Subject: Request for admission

Dear Sir/Madam,

With due respect, I, Amrita Thakur, mother of Priyanshi Thakur, would like to request that your school examine my daughter’s application for class 11 admission for the present academic year. I’ve heard great things about your school, and I’d be a proud parent if my child was accepted into such a prestigious institution. I feel it would be a fantastic chance for her to advance intellectually and have a successful career.

She finished her 10th standard at GIIS School with high marks (98%). I’ve included copies of her certificates and grade sheets for your convenience. She has received several certificates for extracurricular activities, which I have attached copies of. I can promise that she will continue to do her best, if given an opportunity. I shall be highly obliged for the same.

Awaiting your positive response.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Amrita Thakur

Mother of Priyanshi Verma

Contact No. 12345

Frequently Asked Questions About School Admission Request Letter

How can I write a request application for school admission?

You must follow the structure of a formal letter when writing a request application for admission to school. Mention your child’s specifics, and don’t forget to include any milestone awards.

When should we write a letter of request to the principal for admission?

Before the start of the new academic session and if there are openings for the particular class/standard, you must send a request letter to the principal for admission.

Is it necessary to prepare a letter of request for school admission due to a transfer?

Yes, if you are transferred, you must send a letter to the principal asking admittance to the school.

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