Register on ToucanWin Penny Auction

Register on ToucanWin Penny Auction
Here’s the interesting part… Thanks to the generosity of many of you, the good people at Sleep Number are giving away the first ever Toucan Win! I can’t believe it’s actually happening!

On Friday November 10th the first 500 people to visit Sleep Number, Inc. and register for the sale will receive the Toucan Win on a black, 100% cotton, plaid t-shirt. It’s a special mug that has 5 compartments and tells the tale of what happens when the hungry toucans bring home a special delicacy.

You’ll also get an exclusive pass to the Sleep Number exclusive virtual reality tour of their newest store opening soon. You’ll also be in the running to win the ultimate virtual reality gift pack.

Thanks again to everyone who has joined the Sleep Number Registry and made this possible!

Penny Auction Details

The sale will officially start on Saturday November 11th. The auction will take place on the Toucan Win Shop’s website and you can also register through the Sleep Number app. The maximum bid amount will not be capped, so you can bid to the sky or to your heart’s content. The sale will last for 10 days. Bidding closes at 10:00 AM EST on Tuesday November 21st. All auction participants have one chance to win the Toucan Win and a chance at the virtual reality gift pack. Winners can choose their preferred item.

Each category will feature multiple entries worth at least $5.00. The exact amount you have to donate to win will be determined by a random generator. All donations are final.

The top two winning bidders in each category will also win a Toucan Win Pool Party on Saturday December 9th. The winners will choose between 5 pool-themed cocktails, an on-theme souvenir to take home, and a special prize. It’s not going to be easy to beat Penny Winner (#189948).

Do you have a crazy idea for an auction item? Have you ever wondered what happens to a lot of money in the vacuum cleaners section of the grocery store? Leave a comment below.

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