Reasons Why High School Students Should Choose a CBSE School Pune for Education

Since several large institutions were constructed in the city during British control, Pune, also known as the Oxford of the East, has achieved notoriety in the field of education and has served as a residence for several academics. Pune continues its legacy of providing top-notch education by providing some of the best schools and colleges. Most parents and students now prefer to travel to Pune for education in a CBSE school Pune.

What Makes a CBSE Board High School Unique?

The Central Board of Secondary Education is regarded as one of India’s most favoured and prestigious boards (CBSE). But it begs the question of why CBSE is the most sought-after board. Let’s look into it more thoroughly.

1. Worldwide Recognition

Globally, the CBSE board is well-known. Many students who desire to pursue higher education abroad choose the CBSE curriculum so they may easily travel to countries like the United States, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada.

2. Core Courses

Since there are just a few subjects in a CBSE high school curriculum, such as mathematics and physics, children may simply concentrate on those subjects rather than having a dispersed concentration.

3. Nationwide Competitive Examinations

Because the basics of these examinations are similar to the ones covered in the CBSE, students who choose to take competitive tests on the national scale, including NEET, AIIMS, IIT-JEE, etc., have an edge on the CBSE board.

4. Migration is Made Easy 

Finding a CBSE school is simpler for parents who are moving from one city to another than it is to find a school that follows another board. Given that Pune is home to some of the greatest high schools, which one would be the best fit for your child? Don’t worry; we’ll discuss Pune’s top CBSE high school for the CBSE board.

Pune’s Top High Schools for the CBSE Board:

Pune has many schools, but when we discuss the best ones, we also take into account the students’ overall growth. Let’s examine the elements that make a CBSE school in Pune stand out.

1. The Worldwide Community

Along with raising pupils’ IQs, a CBSE high school helps them develop greater assertiveness and self-assurance in all of their endeavours. Due to these institutions’ global reach, both students and parents are attributed to many ethnicities, which fosters understanding and empathy in both parties.

2. Advanced Campus

The campuses have a solid track record of offering students skill-based education. The school’s campus laboratories, audio-visual spaces, and dance studio offer students a diversified environment. Students who attend clever universities get the necessary skills to handle opportunities and challenges.

3. A Comprehensive Approach to Schooling

These schools place a strong emphasis on academic excellence in addition to other aspects that shape students’ overall personalities. They also place a strong emphasis on sports excellence. Today’s society places a high value on academic achievement, but students’ overall personalities are equally significant.

4. Value-added Programs and Extracurriculars

The additional curriculum gives students a competitive edge and gets them ready for the future. The school provides study guides that are based on a variety of concepts. There are online tools that can help you get better at maths, like Hey Math! The students get a comprehensive assessment to help identify their strengths and limitations.

5. Interactions and communication

Parents play a very significant role in a child’s growth. Their feedback is therefore very important. The school makes sure to respond to all parent inquiries within 24 hours. To ensure that there is no communication gap between parents and teachers, the parents receive regular updates.

6. Guidance

It is one of the most underappreciated yet crucial components of India’s educational system. The counsellors offer assistance to both parents and students. The student’s greatest potentials are released as a result, bringing out the best in them. To help parents make wise choices for their children, parent counselling is provided.

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