Roads are full of obstacles which can put impact your vehicle. That is why it is crucial to maintain your vehicle regularly. Car maintenance service helps you ensure your vehicle is in proper working condition. Regular maintenance helps you resolve any possible trouble with your vehicle. It helps you enhance the vehicle’s performance and increase its life expectancy.

Mind that MOT isn’t like a car maintenance service. MOT Wolverhampton is mandatory law by the US government. This test simply ensures your vehicle is healthy and in working condition, so it does not harm you or pedestrians. The whole point of the MOT test is to ensure safety on road. The car maintenance service helps pass the MOT test. 


MOT tests exempt some exceptional vehicles. They do not require to have an MOT certificate. They include:

  • The company bought cars for up to 3 years
  • Cars older than 40 years or the old classic vehicle. That is if only the vehicle has not had any replacement in the past 30 years such as engine, chassis, gear or axel.
  • Electric vehicles with registration before 2015, march
  • Tractors 


Since the US government mandates the MOT test there is an increase in the number of MOT stations to 23,500 including 66,000 MOT testers. 

you have to take this test annually. If your car is well maintained it does not take more than an hour to inspect the vehicle. If not, then it will take a longer time to inspect or you can even fail the MOT because of small issues with your vehicle. 

We recommend regular service as it rectifies all the potential issues with the vehicle which automatically makes your vehicle road worthy. MOT testers double checks the condition of the vehicle and its components thoroughly. With an MOT certificate, you can drive safely and don’t have to worry about your vehicle malfunctioning. Make sure you prepare your vehicle nicely before you go for the test. The following can help you with the preparation Car Tyres Wolverhampton.

  • The cabin is where you sit. So it must be clean because clutter in the cabin can interfere with your driving.
  • The scratches on the body of the vehicle leave it exposed to moisture since the paint is not there to protect it anymore. It can lead to rust and can injure a pedestrian.
  • The mirrors and windows help you with the view. If there is something on it, it can hinder your view. Make sure the wiper sweeping area of the screen is pamphlet and crack-free so that there is nothing to obstruct your view. 
  • The seatbelt is a safety measure when your experience sudden jerks of worst. They must lock and unlock effortlessly and the chain belt must not stick or interfere.
  • The doors and bonnet must open and close from inside as well as outside, otherwise, it can be problematic in emergencies and can fail your MOT.
  • The emergency lights on the dashboard must all be working, including the indicators, headlight, engine light, and fog light. They are emergency lights for a reason and can also fail your MOT test if not working.
  • The treads of the tyre must always be above 1.6mm with proper inflation
  • The brake system must be rust-free so that it does not interfere with your driving.
  • Proper wheel balancing and alignment are also necessary, including the appropriate free-play for the steering.
  • The horn should be audible and play the basic sound. DSVA prohibits you from playing multiple notes.
  • There must not be visible smoke coming out of the exhaust emission
  • The tow bar must be in place and rust-free.


  • Upkeep of the vehicle

The MOT test helps with keeping your vehicle game up. It ensures the vehicle is worthy for the roads. Regular service helps in that and gives you better performance. 

  • Insurance renewable

Having car insurance is necessary but it requires you to have an MOT certificate. Without an MOT certificate hardly any company will give you clearance for car insurance.

  • Easy booking

If your MOT is going to expire soon get an easy MOT test appointment. You don’t have to wait in lines for your turn. You can simply book an appointment online for MOT Wolverhampton.

  • Compulsory 

If you do not have an MOT certificate it will cost you much more than giving the test. If the police catch you you will have to pay a hefty fine. That is why we recommend booking an MOT test at least a month before your MOT is about to expire so you don’t face such a situation.


MOT is a safety measure which is set by DSVA. It helps you drive safely as well as provides a sense of security to the pedestrians. In addition to that, it also improves your vehicle’s performance because of double-checking the working components. Make sure you get your MOT certificate before it expires.

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