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A new suite of interactive, experiential learning games has been developed by Mcgraw Hill Education called McGraw-Hill Practice. The suite’s primary objective is to provide today’s students with access to the next generation of digital, personalised learning experiences.

Government in Action, the first ever 3D, multiplayer game for the American Government course, is a part of the McGraw-Hill Practice package. This course is taken by over 750,000 students each year.


 Government in Action is a simulation game created by Mcgraw hill education and Muzzy Lane Software that gives college students a taste of what it’s like to be a member of the United States Congress. Players work together and compete against one another to amass political support and remain in office.


The games in the McGraw-Hill Practice suite, including “Government in Action,” are meant to increase student engagement and retention of course material, two crucial factors in modern education on Mcgraw hill promo code.


In recent years, gaming has become one of the most widely adopted educational fads. Although each student has his or her own distinct learning style, research has revealed that many of today’s pupils prefer to learn by doing.

The educational theorist David Kolb made experiential learning popular, and multiple studies have shown that it is one of the most efficient and effective ways to absorb new, complex ideas.


Government in Action, which was developed using the cognitive science behind experiential learning, encourages students to not only actively participate in the concepts of their American Government course, but also to apply those concepts in real life and gain a deeper understanding of how the American government operates.


The McGraw-Hill Practice game suite helps improve Mcgraw Hill Education’s position as a forerunner in the field of adaptive and individualised education and further solidifies the company’s position as a leader in this space. Beginning in the first quarter of this year, the company began selling its Learn Smart Advantage suite of adaptive learning products. Included in this suite is Smart Book, which is hailed as the world’s first adaptive electronic book. McGraw-Hill The adaptive learning platform known as Learn Smart, which is owned and operated by the corporation, has recently become available for use in the K-12 market.


According to McGraw-Hill Education’s chief digital officer, “adaptive technology, games, and data-driven training are simply the most effective ways to learn,” thus the company has designed its digital solutions around them.


 Mcgraw hill education and Government in Action is an excellent example of how we use cutting-edge findings from cognitive science and technology. We are assisting to increase student performance by capitalizing on the most effective methods of modern students to learn, such as interactive simulations and game-based learning that encourages healthy competition.


Students may learn about the difficulties and daily activities of a U.S. Representative via the course Government in Action. Students work with and against one another to build political capital by drafting and passing legislation and plotting political man oeuvres like enlisting the support of the other party’s co-sponsors or launching a national media campaign.

Because of the constraints placed on their spending, players must work together with their classmates to achieve victory.


Professor Jason Seitz of Georgia Perimeter College praised Government in Action for “helping me bring my American Government course to life” by providing an interactive setting in which students could investigate the realities he was presenting. My students have found that using Government in Action as a text has really enhanced their ability to integrate and apply the many ideas we cover over the semester.

 If my students are interested in what I have to say, I can spend less time relaying information and more time delving into its consequences. Because of Government in Action, not only do my kids like learning about American government, but I also enjoy presenting it to them.


Students enrolled in American Government courses at partner universities have access to Government in Action through McGraw-Hill Connect, an online learning management system. For the first semester, the game costs $40. Practice Marketing and Practice Operations are also part of the Mcgraw hill education bundle.


Another multiplayer simulation for the Marketing Principles course, Practice Marketing challenges students to apply what they’ve learned in a realistic setting against their peers. By putting students in charge of a fictitious apparel manufacturing and distribution firm, Practice Operations helps to bring the theory of operations management to life and fosters analytical thinking and strategic planning.

Over the next several months, Mcgraw hill education plans to release more games from the McGraw-Hill Practice line.


As mobile devices grow more sophisticated and vital to consumers’ everyday lives, educators look for methods to incorporate them into their lessons. Several publishers provide digital textbooks, and smartphone developers have devised interactive applications to engage students in class.


Digital textbooks or eBooks are a crucial advancement in digital learning tools and digital material in education, said McGraw-Hill Education spokesperson Tom Stanton. We view eBooks as a shift from conventional resources to digital teaching and learning platforms that boost student accomplishment.

McGraw-Hill publishes textbooks for all levels.


McGraw-Hill says 95% of their textbooks are available as eBooks. These volumes are half the price of typical textbooks, according to the publisher. McGraw-Hill eBooks are available on the iPad, iPhone, Kindle, nook, Reader, and mobile apps.

McGraw-Hill sells eBooks via its website, college websites, and Course Smart. Digital textbook supplier Course Smart. The organisation promises to provide access to 90% of key college textbooks at a 60% discount on many platforms, including mobile phones.

In 2009, the firm created an iPhone app and has recently added an iPad version.

Students may discover all of their digital textbooks in one spot, rapidly browse through course materials using a search tool, and engage with textbooks by copying, pasting, and emailing parts and writing notes in the margins.

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